HTC Touch Pro Email Guide

HTC Touch Pro Email Guide
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Setup Appropriate Email Settings

Before any emails are able to be received or sent on the HTC Touch Pro, you need to configure the email settings on the device. The HTC Touch has several email settings to choose from. They may seem a little confusing, but once you know what each setting is for, the confusion level should drastically drop. The four email settings available on the HTC Touch Pro include “Exchange ActiveSync,” “Messaging,” “Windows Live Mail” and “Web Browser.” Use the “Exchange ActiveSync” for emails that are on the Microsoft Exchange server 2003 or 2007. These emails normally are company email addresses. Use the “Messaging” option for email such as Yahoo! that uses POP/IMAP server settings. Use “Windows Live Mail” to setup any Hotmail accounts and use “Web Browser” to setup any Gmail accounts. Knowing the types of accounts the HTC Touch Pro is capable of syncing, it is important to know that the device can only have six email addresses linked to the phone at one time. These six email addresses are composed of one Exchange email account and five POP/IMAP accounts.

Yahoo! Email Server Settings

On the phone, click on the “Start” menu, point to “Messaging” and click on “Setup Email”. In the new window, type the Yahoo! email address in the “E-mail address” field. Type the corresponding password in the “Password” field. Place a check in the box next to “Save Password” beneath the “Password” box. Click “Next” to enter the name and account display name of the email account on the next screen. On the next screen, indicate how often the emails should be sent to the device by clicking the drop-down menu labeled “Send/Receive” and click “Finish.”

Microsoft Exchange Server Settings

Navigate to the “Start” menu and click “Programs” then select “ActiveSync.” On the next screen click “Menu” and “Add Server Source.” This brings another screen up that allows the email address to be entered. Place a check in the “Attempt to detect Exchange Server Settings automatically” option and click “Next.” Type in the Exchange Server user name and password in the “User name” and “Password” fields respectively. Type the domain name in the “domain field.” Most people get confused about what should appear in the domain name field. The domain is simply the last portion of the entire email address ( The automatic configuration will then check the validity of the user name and password. If it is successful, click the “Server address” field and type in the server address. The server address contains the forwarding protocol plus the domain name. Example ( or If the address requires security, place a check in the box next to “This server requires an encrypted connection.” Choose what type of information to sync by placing a check in the box next to each choice. The choices include “contacts,” “calendar,” “email” and “tasks.” Press “OK” to finish the setup.

Hotmail Server Settings

Select “Start,” scroll down to find “Messaging” and click “Windows Live.” Click “Sign in to Windows Live” and agree to all the terms and conditions listed by clicking “Accept.” Enter the user name and password in the appropriately labeled fields and choose either “” or “” from the drop-down box. Click “Next,” click “Next” again and place a check in the box next to the choice indicating if the existing contacts on Live should be synchronized to the contacts on the phone or if they should be merged. Click “Next” and click “Done” to complete the sync process.

Gmail Server Settings

Click “Start” point to “Programs” and select “Internet Explorer.” Click inside the address bar at the top of the page and type in “” and press the green arrow to the right of the address bar. Click “Menu” and click “Add to favorites” to save the website address to the favorites folder. Type “Gmail” in the name section and click “Add.” To check the inbox, navigate to the Internet Explorer and click on “Menu” select “Favorites” and choose “Gmail.” Login to the account and check the email.

Delete Email Accounts

Deleting an email account on the HTC Touch Pro is just as simple as adding an email account. To delete an email account simply click the “Start” menu and select “Messaging”. Choose the account to delete and press “Menu” to choose “Delete.” To delete a Hotmail or a Live account, click on “Start” and go to “Messaging” to click on “Windows Live.” Select “Menu” and choose “Switch ID.” Click “OK” for the warning message pop-up and click “Next” to get to the terms and conditions section. Click “Cancel” to not accept nor deny the terms and conditions. The email account is now deleted.