HTC Evo Problems

HTC Evo Problems
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Glass Separation

Place your EVO on a flat surface with the screen facing up. Look at the device with a level-eye and notice if the glass has lifted. The gap will not be big, at the most maybe one millimeter. If the glass is lifting on your EVO, you may want to get this inspected further. The consequences of the gap include the possibility that dirt, debris and moisture can seep into the device. With these foreign elements in the device, it may prevent the HTC EVO from performing at the high capacity that it is known for. The device may be taken to a Sprint Service and Repair center for further diagnosis if the device is more than 30 days old. If the device is less than 30 days old, contact the the original location you purchased the device (Sprint Telesales, Sprint customer service, Sprint Store) and let them know what issue you are having. They will provide further troubleshooting for the issue.

Light Leakage

Check the light emission on the EVO.

Turn the lights off in a room and turn on your HTC EVO. The light on the EVO should illuminate the entire device quickly. Look around the edges of the device and check to see if there is any light emitting from the edges. If you notice any light, you are not alone. Some EVO customers have complained of having light leakage. To fix this problem, remove the back cover on the device by sliding your fingertips around the edges until it pops off. Locate the four screws on each corner of the device underneath the back cover. Use a T5 screwdriver to tighten these screws. Place the cover back on the device. Do a light test again to check the light emission. If there is still light coming out of the device and it is less than 30 days old, contact the location where you purchased the device from and report the issue. If it is greater than 30 days old, make an appointment at your nearest Sprint Service and Repair Center to have the device repaired.

Power Cycle Loop

Synchronization of some HTC EVO’s with Microsoft Exchange has prompted a never-ending looping cycle for some EVO owners. HTC and Sprint acknowledged the issue and have since come up with a fix for it. While synchronizing the EVO with Exhange, a password will be required in the process to continue the synchronization. Entering a password such as “1234567” will result in the forever looping process, therefore the password must not contain all numbers. Choose a password with letters and numbers to avoid this malfunction.

HTC EVO Problems Solved

Update the software for the EVO.

Solving a vast majority of the HTC EVO problems on August 3, 2010, Sprint pushed a software update that all EVO users will greatly enjoy. The new software update may be familiar to all Droid users that spend time “rooting” their Droid devices. Rooting means the stock ROM (operating system) is replaced by a personalized tweaked ROM. The new update is called the “Android 2.2” or “Froyo” for those familiar with the rooting processes. This update was not expected until September, but due to all the malfunctions many users have experienced, Sprint was nice enough to release it early. That is great news for all you Droid users that may be jumping up and down at this time with a sigh of relief. If your phone has not updated yet, you may do a manual update by clicking “Menu,” selecting “Settings,” clicking the “System Update” icon and choosing “HTC Software Update.” The update process takes approximately five minutes and during this time you will not be able to use your device. Once it completes the phone will shut down and turn back on with the new updates in place.

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