Tethering with HTC EVO

Tethering with HTC EVO
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Learn About Tethering

The HTC Evo 4G is a powerful internet enabled phone. With access to Sprint’s 4G network and a strong 3G network outside of the 4G

coverage, the HTC Evo makes the ideal candidate for tethering.

Tethering enables you to connect your HTC Evo to your laptop or other Wi-Fi enabled devices to share your internet connection. Connect multiple devices to the HTC Evo wirelessly and spread the connection. Download music, watch movies, chat and play games on other various internet devices all from the internet connection that comes to your HTC Evo.

Tethering on the HTC Evo can be done two different ways. The first method is officially using the tethering package from Sprint which will cost thirty to forty dollars monthly. The second is the unofficial way which will require you to download a free application to your HTC Evo from the Android Market to enable tethering.

Official HTC Evo Tethering

  1. Launch Sprint Mobile Hotspot. Locate the Sprint Mobile Hotspot icon on the home screen of the HTC Evo. Tap the Sprint Mobile Hotspot icon to launch the application.
  2. Configure Options. Set the options when the application launches. Modify the network name, security type and password if you wish, otherwise leave them as default.
  3. Enable the hotspot. Press the button at the top which says “Press to turn on”. This will enable the wireless hotspot.
  4. Connect to the hotspot. Tethering is now activate on your HTC Evo. Connect to the HTC Evo using another Wi-Fi enabled device.

This will enable tethering with the HTC Evo using the official Sprint method. This will require you to purchase a tethering plan from Sprint which ranges in price from thirty to forty dollars. Tethering using this method with the HTC Evo is not free and will not function without the tethering plan, not even if you have a regular data plan for your HTC Evo.

Unofficial Tethering

  1. Launch Android Market. Locate the icon for Android Market on the home screen of your HTC Evo. Tap the icon to launch the


    Android Market.

  2. Search for PdaNet. Search for PdaNet in the Android Market. Tap PdaNet and choose the option to download it. Wait patiently while PdaNet downloads to your HTC Evo.

  3. Enable USB debugging. Goto “Settings” and then select “Applications”. Choose “Development” and tap “USB Debugging” to enable it on the HTC Evo. When prompted to enable “USB Debugging” choose “OK”.

  4. Launch PdaNet. Tap the PdaNet icon to launch PdaNet on the HTC Evo.

  5. Enable Tether. Choose “Enable USB Tether”. Connect the HTC Evo to the computer using the USB cable that came with the HTC Evo. There is no Wi-Fi support in PdaNet however you can choose “Enable Bluetooth DUN” instead of “Enable USB Tether” for Bluetooth tethering if you would prefer a wireless option.

Using PdaNet for HTC Evo tethering is an easier solution that will not cost you monthly charges. Data will be counted against your monthly data package with Sprint when tethering the HTC Evo using PdaNet. There is a premium version of PdaNet available for download in the Android Market Place which enables Wi-Fi HTC Evo Tethering however the premium version is not free.

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