How to Disable 3G on HTC Tilt

How to Disable 3G on HTC Tilt
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Learn How to Disable 3G on HTC Tilt

Learning how to disable 3G on the HTC Tilt is a simple process. It may be even too simple because there are many different ways to accomplish this task. Many have searched high and low for the answer to this valuable piece of information. The answer is in this article and it is simple to follow. It only requires a few steps and the process takes less than one minute to complete. Following the instructions to learn how to disable 3G on HTC Tilt will not require the downloading of any additional software nor will it require purchasing any devices to use with your HTC Tilt. Using the existing factory features on your phone, you will learn how to disable 3G on HTC Tilt quickly and save that battery power.

Disabling 3G Benefits

There are several benefits to disabling the 3G on your HTC Tilt. The most common reason for disabling the 3G services is to preserve your battery life on the device. Other benefits of disabling the 3G services include receiving better signal strength, ability to pause the constant push updates on the device and improving the missed calls because of the push updates which force the calls directly to voicemail. Considering the previous information, it is obvious that knowing how to disable the 3G will greatly improve the performance of your HTC Tilt.

Facts About Disabling 3G

Before you begin manipulating the settings on your HTC Tilt, you should know:

  • The ‘Edge’ network is labeled as GSM in the HTC Tilt.
  • The ‘3G’ network is labeled as UMTS in the HTC Tilt.
  • To turn off data connections on the HTC Tilt you should go to the ‘Today’ screen, Select the ‘Start’ option, navigate to ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Communications’ then choose the ‘Disable Data’ services option.

Three Ways to Disable the 3G on the HTC Tilt

  1. Lock the GSM Network

    • Turn off the data connection.
    • Select ‘Start’ from the today screen.
    • Select ‘Settings’.
    • Select ‘Phone’ and choose the ‘Band’ tab.
    • Switch the network from ‘auto’ to ‘GSM’.
  2. Phone Settings

    • From the ‘Today’ screen, select ‘Start’, ‘Settings’ and choose the ‘Personal’ tab.
    • Select ‘Phone’, select the ‘Network’ tab.
    • From the ‘Network’ tab, find the ‘Network Selection’ list, turn the ‘Automatic’ option off and select ‘GSM’.
  3. Today Screen

    • From the ‘Today’ screen, look towards the top of the screen and find the battery and volume icons and look to the left of those icons and find ‘3G’.
    • Tap the ‘3G’ icon and select ‘Settings’ from the new menu.
    • From settings, follow the instructions from ‘2’ above.

Disable and Enable 3G

Once you have the 3G services disabled, it is simple to enable them when needed. Disabling the 3G prevents the data services from switching back and forth between connections. Now that you know how to enable and disable the HTC Tilt 3G services, you have more control and flexibility in your network settings.