How to Change Wallpaper on your HTC Hero

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HTC Wallpaper

The HTC wallpaper on the Hero is sometimes unnoticeable because it sits behind the customizable buttons on your Sense user interface. It’s easy to not think about the picture there. But changing the wallpaper can do a lot to make your phone look better or more customized to your needs. At the same time, having a busy wallpaper like a picture can make it hard to see and distinguish the buttons on the seven button layouts you’ve created. Here are a few ways to find and change your HTC Hero wallpaper so you can easily switch it out for more variability and customization.

The HTC Hero has two of these wallpapers, the home screen and the lock screen. The same methods can be used for changing both. Also, as you choose your homescreen wallpaper it is good to know that if you should find a picture that is wider than it is tall it will have you select a section of it that is a normal landscape size. This is because the homescreen scrolls across the picture as you move from one menu to the other. This can give some pictures a distorted effect so it might take some toying with before you find a good one (and it might be a good idea to avoid pictures with people in them).

The Easy Way

HTC knows you want to change your wallpaper and probably change it often. So they make it easy for you. Follow these quick steps:

  1. From the home screen press the menu button.
  2. Select “Wallpaper” in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select whether you want to change your homescreen or your lock screen.
  4. Now it will give you the option to choose where you want to find the picture. The options are normally “Albums” and “Wallpaper Gallery”. If you want to use a picture you’ve taken, uses “Albums.” If you want to use a picture they provide, select “Wallpaper Gallery.” HTC provides a decent selection of cool wallpapers built in so be sure to check them out at some point.
  5. If you chose “albums” it will have you select an album to look through. Once selected it will give you the pictures to choose from. Click on the picture and hit “Save.” If you chose “Wallpaper Gallery” it will take you right to the wallpapers they provide. You can scroll through these and select the one you want then hit “set wallpaper.”

There you have it, a new wallpaper!

Choosing from Pictures

Another easy option is to select a picture and set it as your wallpaper.

  1. Open your pictures (either long click on the widget or select “Albums” from the programs list).
  2. Scroll to or select the picture you want as your wallpaper.
  3. Hit the “menu” button.
  4. Select “set as”.
  5. Choose “wallpaper” (or lock screen if you’re setting the lock screen wallpaper).
  6. It then shows the picture with a green box. If your picture is already landscape of the proper size skip this step. Otherwise, drag the box to cover the portions of the picture you want to have as your wallpaper.
  7. Select “Save.”

Nice and easy!

Wallpaper Apps

If you want more wallpapers you can hop on the Android Market and get some free wallpaper apps that will let you select from a host of others. One good one is the app called “Backgrounds.” This will let you scroll through a series of high quality pictures to find some for your phone, all for free (the ads that support it are not too invasive). For apps like this follow a similar process as before with the picture you want.