Preview of the HTC Touch Pro 3 (or Tera)

Preview of the HTC Touch Pro 3 (or Tera)
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HTC Touch Pro 3? Where?

Does THIS phone above look like an HTC Touch Pro 3 to you?

Maybe, but where’s the keyboard?!

That’s a question many asked about a year ago, when this phone, labeled the Pro 3 (Not Touch Pro 3), and called the HTC Leo, surfaced. In reality, it was later renamed and became the HTC HD2, now available through T-Mobile.

Now that the HD2 or Pro 3 had been accounted for, the question remains, where did that Touch Pro 3 go?

The HTC Touch Pro 3 was rumored to be released some time ago now, and with the leaking of the HTC Roadmap earlier this year, we NOW know where we’re going with this phone!

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What does the REAL Touch Pro3 Do?

The TRUE HTC Touch Pro 3 is called the HTC Tera, and is expected this summer, or fall, and is sought to be seen in both GSM (Europe / T-Mobile / AT&T) and CDMA (Verizon / Sprint / Telus) markets.

HTC Tera

The phone is designed and based upon the Touch Pro 2, rather than the original Touch Pro. The Touch Pro 2’s design with the tilting keyboard, rounded edges, and misaligned keyboard take shape and origin here. As you can see, the phone looks much like the Touch Pro 2 we already know and love, so maybe it’s time we take a look at its specs instead.

It sports a boosted 600 MHZ processor, 256 MB of RAM, and a 3.6" WQVGA screen (Rather than WVGA) and a 3.2 megapixel camera. The phone only improves in a few small places, such as with the 600 MHZ processor, and it’s debatable how much of an advancement the HTC Touch Pro 3 really offers.

This brings mixed feelings to the community, and it makes us wonder, where’s this phone supposed to stand?

What’s the turnaround? What’s the plan?

Tera Specs

Though the phone may seem like an exciting addition, it doesn’t pave the way like the Touch Pro 2 did.

The Touch Pro 2 was revolutionary as it advanced in almost every aspect compared to the original Touch Pro. Rather than that, this “Tera” or Touch Pro 3 seems to do the opposite, rather than advance and evolve new features, it instead balances and tries to carry a middle-ground that is probably cheaper and more accessible. The Touch Pro series is a known luxury series, but this phone seems to be borderline “Average.” hence its specs, such as a QVGA Screen.

Compared to the newly released Android phones, this phone seems to be rather lacking, with only 256 MB of RAM and 600 MHZ offered by the Snapdragon processor. But it is still a decent phone, and may mean a cheaper price!

However, if you are looking for a new WinMo 6.5 phone, have 6.5 specific applications, or prefer 6.5 over Android, then I HIGHLY suggest you look out for this phone come summer and fall!