The Greatest Apps for HTC Smartphones

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The fortunes of this Taiwanese company have soared in recent months. Just a few years ago you had probably never heard of HTC. Now the name is synonymous with great smartphones. They first made a splash with some excellent Windows Mobile devices, but as the platform wound down, their focus moved to Android. They joined the Open Handset Alliance and began to produce a series of increasingly excellent Android smartphones.

Thanks to the release of several big sellers running the Android platform, their profits went through the roof and they were well placed to capitalize on the rise of Google’s smartphone OS. Not content to rest on their laurels, HTC has begun to produce devices for the new Windows Phone 7 platform and there are rumors that they might develop their own mobile operating system.

All of their smartphones, on every platform, support a wide range of applications. Learn about the pick of the bunch as we take a closer look at the best apps for HTC phones.

What Are the Best Apps for the HTC Trophy?

The Trophy is a highly rated WP7 device with decent specs. Find out all about the top apps for the phone in this guide which takes a look at everything from news to photo editing to shopping. There are ten apps to choose from and some of the best options are exclusive to HTC phones.

Great Applications for the HTC Inspire 4G

The Inspire is a powerful Android smartphone available from AT&T. There are apps on offer here for reading e-books, listening to the radio, working out, photography and much more. Find your inspiration here.

Top Ten HTC Ozone Applications

The HTC Ozone is really a messaging device with a small display and a full physical QWERTY keyboard. However, this Windows Mobile device still supports a wide range of apps for everything from watching TV and listening to the radio to mixing cocktails and keeping up with the latest news.

The Best New Apps for the Best New Phone - HTC’s Sensation

The Sensation has a gorgeous display backed up by a dual-core processor. This Android beast is capable of running the latest apps and games and you’ll find some choice examples in this article.

Best Applications for the HTC Evo

The HTC Evo was one of the first 4G capable Android smartphones to hit the market. You’ll find a great mixture of apps for it in this round up, including great options for music fans and a comprehensive security app.

Top Ten Apps for the HTC Hero

The Hero was an early Android hit for HTC. This popular phone, with a distinctive bevelled chin, supports some fantastic Android apps. You’ll find support for augmented reality, a great file browser and apps to help you sleep and then wake up again.

Free Software for the HTC Touch Pro 2

The Touch Pro 2 was one of HTC’s last big releases on the Windows Mobile platform. It’s a versatile phone and it supports plenty of apps including Netflix for movies, AP for the latest news and Trapster for help avoiding traffic hazards.

Best Applications for the HTC Desire

The Desire was a smash hit, especially in the UK, and it really helped to popularize the Android platform. This round-up includes some interesting apps from Google, great support for your social networking activities and a fantastic note taking app that you’ll enjoy using.

Get the Most Out of Your HTC Aria

The small display and limited processing power offered by the HTC Aria make it slightly different from other Android phones released by HTC. These apps will really make the most of the hardware and offer you a whole new world of functionality.

Best HTC Wildfire Applications That Won’t Cost You Anything

The Wildfire was a big budget success for HTC and it really sparked a cascade of low cost Android devices. In keeping with the thrifty theme this batch of five apps and games are all free and they’ll provide you with plenty of entertainment.

Great Apps for the HTC Thunderbolt

The Thunderbolt burst onto the scene at Verizon with a dramatic advertising campaign that focussed on the amazing speed offered by this smartphone. It is a fantastic multimedia phone and you’ll find some great app choices here for streaming movies, scanning documents and getting into shape.

Top Applications for the HTC Surround

There’s no denying that there are less apps on the WP7 platform than there are for Android, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find some great options. This is an eclectic mix of five WP7 apps that you might consider downloading.

Free Software for the HTC Touch Diamond

This article takes a slightly different tack and discusses where you can pick up some great free Windows Mobile apps for the HTC Touch Diamond. There’s also a few choice examples of specific apps you don’t want to miss at the end.

Top Android Apps for HTC’s Droid Eris

The Droid Eris was another early Android release and so it has access to a huge number of apps via the Android Market. This round-up is all about useful apps and you’ll find three options that are essentials for Droid Eris owners.

Top Applications for the HTC Wildfire

We’ll finish off back with the Wildfire but this time round we have a top ten. These apps will serve you well on any Android smartphone.

Got an HTC phone? Got a favorite app? Post a comment and tell us about it.