The Dual Core Dilemma - HTC Sensation Goes Head to Head with the T-Mobile G2x

The Dual Core Dilemma - HTC Sensation Goes Head to Head with the T-Mobile G2x
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T-Mobile’s Dual Core Dilemma

T-Mobile has been on a roll releasing powerful smartphones that have 4G capabilities. While its larger competitors, Verizon and AT&T, seem to be in a flux of status quo, T-Mobile released the HTC Sensation and the G2x, a rebranded version of the LG Optimus 2X. This can be quite a dilemma for people looking to join T-Mobile or for existing T-Mobile customers, which dual core smartphone is better?

Design and Display

The Sensation and G2x both have beautiful displays that are vibrant and colorful. The Sensation beats out the G2x on screen size by a mere 0.3 inches, coming in at 4.3 inches. In addition, the Sensation also has qHD, raising the pixel resolution to 540 x 960, while the G2x stays at WVGA resolution. Another winning point for the Sensation is the Super LCD display, as it provides just a bit more brightness and sharpness than the regular LCD found on the G2x.

The designs on both smartphones are simplistic, both take on the candy bar design with their respective displays dominating the front, and the standard four Android shortcuts residing underneath. The G2x has a boxier shape, while the Sensation takes on a more curved look along the edges. The G2x does make an interesting choice by adding quite a bit of space between the shortcuts and the display, which it could’ve used for more display space. Overall the HTC Sensation has a more polished and modern feel and look compared to the G2x and wins in the design and display arena.

Winner - HTC Sensation


Both smartphones have dual core processors to power their respective versions of Android. The Sensation

HTC Sensation

slightly beats out the G2x with 1.2 GHz cores while the G2x has 1 GHz cores. The speed difference is actually quite minimal, with neither smartphone really showing signs of lag. Both are able to run some intensive applications without error or lag.

The call quality on both was also great, with each smartphone able to have clear and clean incoming and outgoing calls. The speakerphones for both were decent as well, though at times it was hard to hear certain words. The battery power is also very much comparable as the G2x comes with a 1500 mAh battery while the Sensation comes with a 1520 mAh battery. Both lasted about the same amount of time. However, one thing to note is that many people have been experiencing odd behaviors with their G2x, with the battery dying quickly or the smartphone going to sleep for no reason.

For the purposes of this battle, the G2x did not suffer any problems, but there has been a growing number of complaints and LG even has a class action lawsuit against it for the G2x. With such wide spread news of performance issues, the G2x does take a hit in this battle. Ultimately, the Sensation edges out with the win in performance.

Winner - HTC Sensation

User Interface

The user interfaces for the Sensation and G2x differ mainly because one has an overlay on Android 2.3, while the other runs stock Android 2.2. The Sensation comes with Android 2.3 and HTC Sense 3.0, which works to integrate HTC’s interface into Android. It does a fantastic job really upgrading the feel of Android and gives the Sensation a unique interface. The G2x comes with stock Android 2.2, which is somewhat of a disappointment as Android 2.3 is now available, but the fact that it runs stock means that the upgrade can come soon and over the air.

Overall, both are easy to use and smooth when it comes to user response. Users who would rather have stock Android will like the G2x while those who don’t mind having an overlay will like the Sensation. In the user interface battle, it comes down to user preference, and with HTC Sense 3.0 being quite a smooth integrated update, it’s hard to choose stock over the overlay just for the sake of having stock.

Winner - Tie


T-Mobile G2x

Both the Sensation and G2x come with 8 megapixel cameras, capable of recording 1080p HD video. Both record fantastic pictures and video, but the Sensation does offer a tap to focus feature in their video recording mode. It’s a small feature but it really helps to make the video slightly better by focusing on what you want to focus on. Both also have decent front facing cameras that can be used with the 4G network from T-Mobile. Speaking of 4G network, that’s another feature of both smartphones, as they can both access the 4G HSPA+ network offered by T-Mobile.

The Sensation also comes with some more customizable features thanks to the fact that it has the overlay. The lock screen can be customized, and there are a lot more widgets offered on the Sensation. The G2x is fast but it doesn’t come with as many widgets or colorful abilities as the Sensation. Overall the HTC Sensation has just a hint more features than the G2x and comes out with the win.

Winner - HTC Sensation

The Winner

At a score of 3 and 1 tie, it looks like an almost clean sweep win by the HTC Sensation over the T-Mobile G2x. While the T-Mobile G2x is a raw, powerful smartphone that seems to have some widespread problems, the Sensation is a more rounded, polished and colorful smartphone. In addition to more polish and color, the Sensation also has that hidden raw power that lies within the device. Overall, the Sensation is the better smartphone when it goes against the G2x.

Overall Winner - HTC Sensation