Sounds on Your HTC EVO: How to Change Startup Sound on HTC EVO and More

Sounds on Your HTC EVO: How to Change Startup Sound on HTC EVO and More
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Technology is one of those things that can bring out a person’s unique personality. The ability to change the background of your desktop, to use a different operating system on your laptop, or even to update your status on both Facebook and Twitter from a phone app, shows people who you are.

One way to do this is by setting up your sound notifications. Sounds are an important part of having a cell or smartphone for some people. Not content with just the standard, boring sounds, these users will seek high and low to find the perfect ringtone for when their husband or wife calls, when their parents call, or even their kids.

And it’s not just the ringtones that can be changed – system sounds, like those on a computer, can also be changed. Have fireworks go off when you receive a text message or the sounds of the farm for your alarm clock. Here, we’ll take a look at what you can do when you bring sounds together with the HTC EVO. We’ll learn how to set text message sound notifictions for the EVO, as well as how to change the startup sound that plays when the EVO starts.

Sound Settings for the EVO

As with any cell or smartphone, the HTC EVO comes with default sounds and notifications that can easily be changed. The phone

itself will have a few alternate sounds that you can use, anything from the phone’s alarm clock to the email and text notifications. Usually, most users will want to set the ringtones of their contacts. This allows them to set certain songs to certain people so they know when to pick up (or not).

To go about changing the default ringtone - the ringtone that goes off when people call you -

  • On the EVO, tap the home button. This is the button that is shaped like a little house. Tap MENU.
  • You will have a listing of different ringtones that you can choose from. Later, if you download ringtone apps from the Android Market or download them and then install them to your phone, you will find them listed here as well.
  • Choose the song you want – you’ll be able to hear a brief selection of the song when it’s selected, allowing you to listen to each one before making a decision. When you’re finished, tap OK.

Now, when friends or family call, the tone you selected will play. You can certainly always change your ringtone at any time to something different. You can also set the ringtones for your friends. This can be done by either editing the contacts you currently have within your phone or when you add a new contact.

Notification sounds are ways to alert you to apps or programs that are trying to get your attention. These are usually played when you receive a text message, an email, and, depending on the program, when you receive updates or mentions through social media apps. Just like the ringtone, you can change these to whatever sound you’d like.

  • As before, tap the home button and go to MENU.
  • From MENU, tap SETTINGS.
  • Within the SETTINGS menu, again select SOUND & DISPLAY and then NOTIFICATION.
  • From here, change the sound to whatever you would like.

As mentioned, some apps that you may have downloaded will have their own settings in which you can set the notification sound to alert you when there is a change of some sort. For instance, both the Facebook and Twitter apps allow for notifications when you’ve received an invite, a mention, or an update. This is also true for popular all in one apps like Hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

And Then There’s That Startup Sound

You know when your computer starts up, the operating system has a little jingle that lets you know it’s awake (assuming your speakers are on of course), well cell and smartphones do the same thing. In most cases, it’s the cell provider’s little theme song, but in some cases, it might be the manufacturer.

HTC phones have the little theme from maker HTC. The jingle only lasts for a few seconds and only plays when the phone is being turned on. However, for some people, it is annoying when the quiet is shattered by this loud tone. Oh, if there was only some way to prevent this.

Guess what? There’s an app for that. Actually, there’s two.

The first is something called Silent Boot, which does what it says on the tin. It prevents that little jingle from playing when your EVO boots itself up. You need to set it up, making sure that the settings are saved when you shut your phone down. When you turn it back on, Silent Boot will remember the settings and there will be quiet when the phone turns on. The app does not, however, mute any shut down noises that you may have.

[Download Link]

And then there’s Quick Settings, which is just what it says. If you find it a hassle to get to the system settings, install this and get quick access to the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Volume, Brightness, and more with just one tap. AND it will turn down the system volume, so you’ll only have to suffer at half volume if you choose.

[Download Link]

Managing the sounds on your EVO is easy – it’s only time consuming as you try figuring out which ringtone best fits your mother or which will actually make you pick up the phone when your boss calls.