HTC Thunderbolt vs HTC Inspire: Review and Comparison

HTC Thunderbolt vs HTC Inspire: Review and Comparison
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HTC Thunderbolt

The HTC Thunderbolt is a 4G smartphone that allows you to fully utilize that speed to view HD videos and browse the Internet. Everything is done in an instant and everything looks good on the hi-res 4.3 inch screen. There’s also an excellent 8 megapixel camera that is equipped with an LED flash. There’s also support for DLNA that allows you to stream photos, music or video to your HDTV.

HTC Inspire front view-att

HTC Inspire

The HTC Inspire is also a 4G smartphone that is equipped with Dolby + SRS Surround sound, accompanied by noise cancellation, which makes for good entertainment. The screen size is the same as the Thunderbolt and both HTC phones have an 8 megapixel camera. The HTC Inspire is equipped with built in camera editing and live picture effects. The Inspire also has built in DLNA connectivity which allows you to stream your photos, videos and music from your phone to your flat screen TV wirelessly.



HTC Inspire-att Side view-1429

The HTC Thunderbolt vs HTC Inspire battle in terms of design is a close run thing because the two phones look similar. Both the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Inspire are touch screen, candy bar style phones that are rectangular in shape with a 4.3” screen. Additionally, both phones are made with a uni-body design which means that the metal alloy outlook covers the entire phone body without major sections and breaks, as with some other phones. All the major buttons can pretty much be found in the same location such as the standard Android buttons, the power button, and the volume controls.

User Interface

HTC Thunderbolt back view

HTC inspire-att direct side view-volume buttons

The HTC Thunderbolt vs HTC Inspire user interface comparison will be very similar to the design comparison because the phones are identical. This is due to the fact that both HTC phones are running Android 2.2 with an HTC Sense overlay and they pretty much operate in the same fashion. The only potential for difference relates to the carrier additions. HTC has made it very easy to navigate these two phones so that the user will never get frustrated or impatient in finding what they want. Android 2.2 and the Sense UI is a great combination and very accessible.

Features and Specifications

HTC Thunderbolt kick stand view

As similar as these two phones are, the HTC Thunderbolt vs HTC Inspire feature and specs comparison is where we will probably find the most differences, although there are not that many.

First, we will cover all the similarities by starting with the phone’s processor or chipset. Both phones are equipped with a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, however, they are not exactly the same model. They both run on the Android 2.2 OS along with the HTC Sense UI which is greatly responsible for the phones’ social intelligence. With HTC sense, the phone will group all mails, text messages, phone calls, status updates and even tweets by contact so that they can be found and followed-up on very quickly and easily. Both phones are also equipped with GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The differences between the HTC Thunderbolt and the HTC Inspire start off with their memory. The Inspire has 768MB of RAM and 4GB of onboard memory while the HTC Thunderbolt has the same 768MB RAM, but with 8GB of onboard memory. Both can expand their memory by a further 32GB with a microSD card.

While both HTC phones have the same display size, the Thunderbolt also has a 1.3MP front facing camera that the Inspire is not equipped with. So you can easily take pictures of yourself, engage in video chat or use that camera as a mirror for when you need to look at your face and a mirror in not in reach. Since they run on the 4G network video calls are a real possibility so the lack of the front facing camera on the Inspire gives the Thunderbolt an edge.

Additionally the Thunderbolt is also equipped with a kickstand that is not seen on the Inspire.


The first thing I have to point out in this conclusion is that the HTC Inspire is carried by AT&T and the HTC Thunderbolt is carried by Verizon Wireless. Both phones are innovative smartphones with great features and either one would be a good buy. There are very few differences in them but you can use those minor differences to determine which one would be best for you. However, your biggest determining factor may actually be the carrier and not the device itself.

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