HTC Droid Incredible Manual

HTC Droid Incredible Manual
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Setting up your HTC Droid Incredible

When first turning on your HTC Droid Incredible a screen displaying which language you prefer will be shown. Immediately after you set up your language you will be given a texting tutorial. This lesson will help anybody that has never used a touch screen keyboard and is highly recommended. After you have completed your texting tutorial you are required to enter your email address and password into the phone. Android phones require a Gmail account so you do not have to enter at the end of your username. After your email is entered you will be given the choice to set up all of your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr by simply signing into them.


The home screen is the first thing that every HTC Incredible user will see after they are done with the setup. This screen is where the time and weather is displayed, as well as four slots for applications. Underneath the applications is a dedicated phone button which you can press whenever you need to make a call or send a text message. From the home screen you can swipe left or right and you will direct yourself to the other six screens that are available. On each of the six screens you are allowed to customize them with whatever applications your heart desires.

There are two options for texting on the HTC Droid Incredible. The options are either texting as you normally would by pressing specific letters, or choosing Swype. Swype is a new feature on most Android phones that allows you to glide your finger across the touch screen keyboard. By gliding your finger from letter to letter you can make each letter connect and form into a word. At the same time as you are swyping you will get a list of potential words that you are attempting to spell which will make texting trouble-free.

Battery Life

The HTC Droid Incredible battery life is decent at best, based on the amount that your phone is being used. If you are always updating your social networks or surfing the web then your phone will only last half way through the day. But if you strictly use your phone for texting and calling then the battery life will stay strong for roughly nine hours. Applications that are running in the background can drain battery life very quickly meaning you should always kill background applications. There are applications that can be downloaded from the Android Market that will give you the option to kill any application running (see best Android task killers). Another way to save battery life is by turning your phone on standby. This will save more power because the screen will not be on when unnecessary.

HTC Droid Incredible Tips and Tricks

  • Pressing and holding the home button on the Incredible will cause the phone to buzz twice and then a menu will appear. This menu contains the last six applications that were recently used on your smartphone.

  • Any text that is displayed on the HTC Incredible can be magnified by pressing and holding your finger on the text. After releasing your finger from the text you will receive the option to copy the text. You will see two pins at each end of the text. You can then choose what text you would like to copy by bringing the pins together.

  • By clicking the home button twice you can see all 6 home screens in thumbnail form so that you can navigate each one on the main screen instead of swiping.