Google Android Software and Application Reviews

All sorts of Google Android application reviews and round ups including business apps, social networking apps, and many other useful apps for various interests. Check out our expert Google Android app reviews.

Best Android Handwriting Apps

You don’t always have to rely on your keyboard — there are many handwriting apps available for Android that will either convert your script to text, save it as it is for quick note-taking, or require you to learn a series of symbols to enter characters into your phone.

Is Xobni’s Smartr Contacts Worth Your Time?

Keeping track of your contacts on an Android smartphone can be a hair-losing experience, but fear not, the Smartr Contacts app is designed to make communicating with people through your device as simple as possible. Does the app live up to its billing, or is it just blowing smoke?

Best NFL Apps for Android Phones

The National Football League is more popular than ever. Technological advances have made it possible for media outlets and the league to get the fan involved like never before. The latest to the table is the mobile application. There are a number of NFL-related apps for the Android operating system.

Best Android Apps for Music Download

Let’s say this quietly — iPhone users are lucky in the respect that they have a built-in MP3 player and iTunes to download their music. However (let’s turn up the volume now), there are some great Android apps for music download too, it’s just they are a little well hidden. Let’s dig them out…

The Best Android Cocktail Apps

Whether you’re having a big party or just looking for a nice way to combine what’s left over in your drinks cabinet, you can find some handy cocktail apps on Android. Here’s a look at the best options. Cheers.

Pixlr-o-matic Review: Create Nostalgic Shots on Android

There an awful lot of photo editing apps in the Android Market and a fair portion of them focus on retro effects so it’s tough to stand out. Does Pixlr-o-matic have what it takes to claim a space on your Android smartphone? Let’s find out.

Titanium Backup Pro Review

Whether you’re looking to migrate your data to a new phone, want to back everything up before you do a factory reset, or just like to have a backup in case the worst happens, you’ll need an app to keep your data safe. Should that app be Titanium Backup Pro? Let’s find out.

Four Best Ghost Hunting Android Apps

Paranormal enthusiasts will find plenty of useful Android apps that might help them detect any anomalies in the magnetic field and experiment with EVP. These apps record and save the EMF and EVP readings and offer a graphical interface for easy analysis.