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Blockbuster has finally unleashed its Android app into the Android Market. The Blockbuster app has been around for a while and has been limited to handsets that it came pre-installed on, such as the HTC HD2 and Droid X. Now, the app is ready to deliver its movie goodness to all Android driven devices. Whether you are travelling, sitting with friends, or just feel like renting and watching a movie, Blockbuster for Android will allow you to do that right from your mobile phone. You can even buy a movie with this application.

blockbuster for android

The Blockbuster application is compatible with Android 2.1 or higher devices. You require a free Blockbuster account to activate this app. After activation, you are able to download and watch the latest movies on your Android device. Blockbuster for Android charges $3.99 as the movie rental price. You can even purchase movies from Blockbuster and watch them directly on your mobile while gaining access to queue management and movie locator tools. The download speed is pretty good along with high quality picture and sound. The visual appeal and performance of the application is quite impressive.

The Blockbuster app is combined with the Blockbuster on Demand service that allows you to resume a movie that you were watching on another Blockbuster compatible device. There are no monthly charges associated with this application but Blockbuster on Demand service means that you have to pay the rent or purchase price of the movie you want to see. Therefore, it is not free to use, just free to download.

Blockbuster for Android is in favor of downloads over streaming movies. Rather than dealing with the wireless connectivity issues brought by wireless carriers, the company’s free mobile apps download the entire movie that a customer rents or purchases, to their handheld. Blockbuster protects the movie rights by using digital rights management technology. This technology allows you to legally watch new movies on your Android driven handset.

Blockbuster for Android is a feature rich application that entitles its customers to access 125,000 new releases. Some of its key features are:

  • Access to incredible new titles.
  • Search for Movies.
  • Manage the Movie Queue : add, reorder and delete.
  • Check-out store inventory including the Top 10s.
  • Locate your nearest Blockbuster Store.
  • Latest updates, news and more.

The collection of movies on Blockbuster for Android is a little disappointing, as the collection mainly consists of new releases. The application does not link your rentals with the by-mail Blockbuster subscriptions. Generally, the movie download is pretty quick but on movie release days, the app takes time to update itself. On the whole, the application is an excellent addition to the Android Market. Scan the QR code below to try it out.

blockbuster QR code