Doit for Google Android: A Comprehensive Task Manager

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Overall Use (4 out of 5)

Doit is the type of program that Google has to love, the apps programmers took the Google Android programming environment and turned it into their own playground for sleek graphics and intuitive touchscreen friendly navigation.

When I first launched the application the screens looked pretty typical with black, grey and black undertones and overtones, however that’s where the similarities to other applications ended. Tasks when added could be set with “priorities” just as you can do with Outlook and other PC programs. Those priorities are then shown with bright colors that highlight their importance


The graphics as you can see offer sleek Web 2.0 looking graphics with rounded corners and excellent font choices that are simple to view. The tasks as you’ll also notice are large enough that they fend well when it comes to finger friendly navigation.

Users can also change priorities and task information with a simple click on each of their tasks. This screen again pops up without any hiccups and offers some great features such as “Completing” for your tasks, the ability to change priority levels, even the ability to change the task title or it’s creation date. I liked changing creation dates as it allowed me to “recycle” a task as I saw fit.

Dolt  - Task Change Menu

Setting actual task also comes with a well thought out and again finger friendly screen. I liked that I started with a title (typically what I watch for most when checking what tasks I have to complete) and then offered a “checkbox” for priorities, which means you don’t have to use them, however if you decide to you simply check that box and then choose either “high” , “medium” or “low” options below that checkbox. I was then able to use the “Due Date” checkbox to set a date, however I could also not check that box if I wanted to create an open ended to do list such as “paint the nursery” or “weed the garden.” Finally I entered in my notes and pressed save to complete the process.

Dolt For Google Android - Task Manager

Much like Outlook the program also allows users to set reminder times for the due dates they’ve chosen to set. Those reminders can come in 15 minute increments or a custom reminder time can be set, there is also a 1 day option that can be set from the buttons menu.

Dolt For Google Android - Note Settings Screen

The program also allowed me to delete tasks in batch mode, this meant I could delete all of my completed tasks, delete all of my tasks regardless of status and delete only uncompleted tasks. This can come in handy if you have hundreds or even just dozens of tasks that you want to delete but don’t want to do it one task at a time.

Dolt For Google Android - Task Deletion


The information I provided above are the main options available for Doit. The program only costs $1.49 which is a more than fair price to pay for such a useful application. To date it’s the best looking notes/tasks application I’ve found for Mobile phone use. Not the most advanced option, but definitely the best to use.

I found the intuitive design, finger friendly icons and excellent graphics to be a pleasing experience and I highly recommend that you head over to the Android Market and give Dolt a try today, you won’t be disappointed.