XLS Support for Your Google Android Smartphone

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Overall Use (4 out of 5)

Spreadsheet is a very simple application for Google Android that offers an excellent user interface with large tabs that are finger friendly and well placed for quick access.

Much like most typical Google Android applications found to date, the program includes a black background with mostly white box selectors and black text. Overall, the graphics are standard fair, which thankfully means they’re competent and easy on the eyes.


Once opened, the XLS sheets looked very similar to the sheets I use on Microsoft Excel with the horizontal A-Z columns and the vertical number sections. I was also able to easily click on each cell in order to select where I wanted to enter or delete information.


I also liked having the information I typed display in the text window at the top of the screen: it made the program feel like a genuine version of Microsoft Excel.

Once I entered in some basic information that included dollars and words, I then decided to format each cell to show the “$” sign, decimal places I required and other information. This is where the tabbed buttons came in handy, I simply chose the cell I wanted to format and I could highlight entire rows and columns. I was then able to choose the types of columns and rows such as “Number,” “Text,” etc. while also choosing the number of decimal places I wanted to be displayed and the negative numbers field.

I was able to choose how I wanted to align tabs such as in “left” or “right” alignments or I could choose a “center” alignment. I was also able to add all of the typical types of borders found on Microsoft Excel.


Once I had formatted the cells to match the information I needed, I was then able to export the files to my computer using my Android devices USB cable while also importing files to my Android device for mobile editing at a later time. I was impressed to realize that the formatting I had chosen was still in place from device to PC and from PC to device. That formatting also included any mathematical formulas entered on the sheets which are fully supported.


Spreadsheet for Google Android is a simple to use XLS supported application that offers finger friendly operation with excellent cell formatting options. I didn’t lose any formatting between applications and the app didn’t appear to bog down my HTC Hero processor in any way, shape or form.

If you’re looking for a competent XLS viewer, editor or creator, this is a great option that can be found in the Android Market today.