Review of Gas Trip - Cheap Gas App for Android

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Find Cheap Gas! (4 out of 5)

The first main features found on Gas Trip is the ability to pull up the cheapest gas prices in your local area and then receive direction to those locations. This option works by taking advantage of local gas pricing information plus user tracking via the users GPS abilities. Currently the application has been tested only on the T-Mobile G1, however any future Google Android GPS enabled device should work considering all GPS signals will be the same.

Gas Trip works by displaying the price of cheap gas in your area and the address of the gas station where the gas is located, to access directions simply click on the “Directions” button, or if you know the address once you see it you can click “Close.”


Real Time Cost Tracking (4 out of 5)

My favorite feature found on Gas Trip is the ability to track actual gas use. This option works by first entering in the MPG for your vehicles city and highway use, the application then tracks your cars distance and speed via your GPS connection including Highway and City distances, the speeds you’re travelling and the current gas prices in the area you’re driving in as seen on this screen:


As you can see from that screenshot the cost per minute is displayed to show your driving cost along with the street vs. highway distances travelled and much more.

Once you have completed your trip you can then ask the Gas Trip App to display your final cost of travelling for the trip you’ve been tracking. That final cost calculator displays in an easy to view manner:



Whether you want to find cheap gas in your immediate area or possibly find the overall cost of your trips the Gas Trip App for Google Android is an excellent piece of mobile software that proves why GPS based services are pushed so heavily by Google on their Android OS. Give this 100% free App today and you won’t be disappointed.