Save MMS for Android Lets You Save Pictures and Attachments Easily

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Using Save MMS

By default, the T-Mobile G1 is not able to save pictures from multimedia messages (MMS). You have the ability to text message and send pictures, but when a picture comes in you cannot save it. There are ways around this, such as forwarding them to your email and saving them as an attachment, but who wants to take the time to do all that?

This is where the Save MMS application comes into play. Save MMS is a fairly simple app that lets you save pictures that have come through in MMS message form to your Google Android based device. When you receive an MMS message and want to save the picture that came along with it all you have to do is launch the Save MMS application, the application will then automatically find the pictures that have come through as attachments and are in your text message inbox.

After Save MMS finds your text messages you can then select the picture that you would like to save, rename the picture, and save it to the SD card. Pictures get saved to the SD card in a folder called SavedMMS.

The default path to the saved files after you’ve selected which ones to save is then as simple as navigating to sdcard\savedmms. Unfortunately there is currently no option to change the folder where the pictures get stored.

The Verdict (4 out of 5)

Overall, the Save MMS application is a winner. It does what the title says it does, it enables you to save MMS pictures. I would recommend this application to those who text often and would like to save some of the pictures they get and not be forced to keep the whole message forever all because of that picture that they didn’t want to lose.

The Save MMS app is located in the Google Android Market under: Applications | Tools. You can also find it by pressing the search key on the G1 and inputting the application name in the search field.


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