Imeem For Android Review: Stream Music to Your Google Android or Droid Phone

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What Does Imeem Do?

The ability to stream music directly from your Android phone opens up a whole new avenue for finding music, tracking the music you find, and discovering new artists via intelligent recommendations based on your streaming preferences, while allowing users to easily obtain downloadable copies of their favorite music choices. If the streaming capabilities I’ve just listed interest you and you’re a Google Android device user, then Imeem for Android is probably for you, and with no cost associated for the download it’s well worth giving it a try.

Internet Streaming Capabilities (5 out of 5)

The best part of Imeem is the advanced internet streaming capabilities, each song buffers well into the track, thus ensuring that the song doesn’t delay while buffering new sections. The longer buffering times on tracks ensures that even on slower networks such as “Edge” songs are played to their maximum at all times. I personally tested Imeem with over several dozen songs on the Edge network and it worked liked a charm. Via 3G playback the songs also of course played well, while taking considerably less time to load which is a big plus.

Essentially no matter what network you’re using the program works to maximize streaming capabilities.

Music Catalogue Support (5 out of 5)

There are very few streaming applications, or sites for that matter, that offer support from the 4 major recording companies, Imeem is one of those few apps. Users can literally find thousands upon thousands of songs from their favorite artists, more than likely if it has been played on the radio in the past, or is currently playing, it will be available via Imeem. I was able to find top 40 songs, popular christmas tunes, and many more songs from popular artists without any hiccups in my searches.

Aside from popular choices Imeem has also partnered with smaller and independent agencies such as MySpace Music and other independent firms.

From top performers to one hit wonders, Imeem offers one of the best catalogues I’ve found on any platform, it’s definitely worth taking a look at.

Imeem Search Features (5 out of 5)

There are several useful ways Imeem can search for songs. First users can obviously search by artist, this is a great way to find all the songs listed in the Imeem catalogue for your favorite performer or band. Another option is to pick your favorite artist and then allow Imeem to create a list of songs that are related to that artist, if you’ve used the internet streaming service “Pandora” you’ve probably witnessed this “Artist Related Style” service.

Personally I found that the songs in Imeem offered singers in the same genres, but not all of the songs offered fit perfectly with the singer channels they were related to. In cases of unrelated songs I was able to tell the application to ignore those songs from future playback which made future searches easier. This ability to perform user generated search criteria for “Artist Related” searches makes Imeem a top notch streaming program in terms of application extendability.

Along with the ability to search quickly and accurately is the ability to stream the songs you want to hear. Imeem allows users to create stations based on the artists and genres they choose, while also offering a Top 100 stations option that allows users to pick their favorite stations from a list of popular choices. If you don’t know what you want to search for but you have an idea of the genre of music you want then the top stations option allows you to get started with ease.

Personalized searching, station abilities, and related artists searches make Imeem a must have for music enthusiasts looking for their favorite artists or new bands to explore.

Song Choice Control (5 out of 5)

Found a song you can’t live without? Favorite it and you won’t have to live without it or, on the other hand, you can also block songs you’d prefer never to hear again. This Pandora type music preference screen is a great option for tightening control over which songs you hear and how often you hear them.

Along with choosing to block or accept songs users gain more control by receiving recommendations based on the songs they favorite and those they deny. The Imeem app is actually really intelligent and offers some great recommendations in many cases, I still had a few song hiccups, but overall it was a brilliant piece of software that allowed me to control what I heard and when I heard it.

Device To PC Compatibility (4 out of 5)

When you favorite songs on your PC or on your mobile phone they’re saved to your Imeem webpage, this means you can create favorite lists and access them from both devices. This is a great option if you want to think about downloading a song for purchase at a different time but want to hear it a few more times. If you decide to purchase the song just go to your favorite list at either location and Imeem automatically connects you to the Amazon MP3 download store (this is how Imeem makes money via affiliate downloads).

One issue that annoyed me was the inability to find my device playlists on the PC version of my app, this seems like a big oversight, but given all the other features I was able to live without it for the time being.

Compatibility is right on target minus the playlist issue and offers quick access to all of your device and PC choices in a heartbeat, this is definitely a big plus.


Streaming capabilities on Imeem are nearly flawless. The application offers a wide catalogue of performers, allows for excellent device to PC syncing capabilities, and features great search options and user generated offerings. If you want a free application that offers excellent music choices, with minimal advertisements and the option to purchase your favorite songs then I would highly recommend you take the free Imeem download and at least give this useful Google Android app a worthwhile try, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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