MyCloset Android App Review: A Clothing and Wardrobe App to Make You Look Good

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Cher would have loved the portable nature of MyCloset; users can add new clothing and build their catalog information by simply taking a picture of each clothing article and adding it to the database. The application’s logging abilities, however, don’t end there. Users can also catalog each article of clothing based on the clothes color and the months that the clothing would be most appropriate to wear. For instance, a grey sweater could be labeled in the grey clothing section of the program and only be displayed from December through April, allowing winter clothes, spring clothes, summer clothing and fall clothing to be separated based on when the user chooses to wear them.


Aside from simple clothing lists, the MyCloset app can also be used to catalog a user’s accessories and shoes for quick matching to their clothing. Each cataloged option is also given a name such as “Winter Sweater” or “Swimsuit,” etc.


Thanks to a simple interface, it’s easy to scroll through each article for clothing such as Tops, Bottoms, Shoes, and Accessories until the perfect outfit for any occasion is selected.

Another useful feature of MyCloset is the ability to set “Rainy Day Alerts” which are utilized thanks to a built in Weather monitoring program. For instance, if you have a suede jacket or pair of shoes and it’s going to possibly rain that day, the MyCloset app can display a warning next to that article of clothing so you avoid ruining it, or you at least remember to carry an umbrella with you.

Finally, the MyCloset app allows users to plan trips and pack accordingly. For instance, if you plan on heading to Tokyo in April and you’re not sure of the weather conditions and therefore what you should pack, you can simply enter in the Japan location and the dates you’ll be travelling and MyCloset can alert you to clothing types you should bring along with you. Planning and cancelling trips is extremely easy thanks to quick touch screen and non-touch screen navigation options that are very intuitive to use.

Final Evaluation

I don’t like MyCloset. That’s not to say it’s not a well thought out application that delivers on its promises to create a great clothing options app. It’s just that I usually like to throw on whatever I feel like and head out for the day. That being said, I have to concede that the application is perfect for anyone looking to take control of a cluttered closet or for travelers who are looking to dress for any traveling scenario that may pop up.

Overall, its a great app that definitely serves a very “niche” set of people. And for that, I have to praise the MyCloset team for creating a useful application that Cher would be proud of.