The Pros and Cons of the RunPee App for Android

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The name of this app was what caught our eye at first – we couldn’t believe that somebody actually named an app RunPee. The name is quirky and humorous and that is eye catching for users. It makes you want to just try it and see what it is about.

At first, we thought of the soca singer Rupee but apparently the name RunPee is really what it says – a combination of the words ‘run’ and ‘pee’, and the app means just that. This odd application is designed to prompt you about the best times to run and pee during a movie so that you don’t miss anything good.

Who will RunPee appeal to?

We explored all the scenarios that RunPee would be useful for and we came up with a handful.

  • The person who has filled up with soda and needs to go to the restroom badly but doesn’t want to miss an important part of a movie.

  • If you go to the movies with someone who talks a lot and you don’t want to miss a thing, you can encourage them to talk at a time when you won’t miss anything much.

  • People who are going to the movies with children and don’t want to miss key parts during an inevitable bathroom break. You can plot the times you go to the bathroom with your kids.

  • People who are picky about what they watch and like to read a synopsis and find out what the critics had to say before going to a movie – it is easy to check the popular movie critic site RottenTomatoes with RunPee.

  • If you don’t want to miss any additional scenes, bloopers or funny dances during the movie credits. At least, you will know that you can bolt as soon as the movie is over or not because RunPee actually lets you know if it is okay to go.

Features of RunPee


RunPee is a pretty straightforward utility app – it tells you the best times to go the restroom during a movie without missing anything. It literally allows you to run and pee. It works with a built in timer which allows you to keep track of the time while you are on a ‘pee’ break, otherwise called ‘peetimes’ and to see how long you must wait for the next one.

Another feature of RunPee is that it gives a synopsis of the first five minutes of any movie you are watching and it lets you know if there is anything extra after the credits starts to roll.

The app also features a Twitter search to see what people are saying about the movie that you are going to watch. This feature can be a double-edged sword because unfortunately there are some people who will give away important plot information and even conclusions to a movie, which is very frustrating because it can spoil the movie for you. Additionally, the app allows users to access critics scores from from within the app.

How To Use It


After downloading the app and clicking on the icon you can view the app by movie title or release date. The app lists a wide array of movies, including the latest releases. After clicking on a particular movie, it shows you a list of times that you can go and use the bathroom. There is a cue under each time, so you know when to go and the duration of time which you can safely spend in the bathroom is also listed. Example: after 40 minutes, cue: after the building explodes, duration 4 minutes.


  • The app stores data locally so that you can use it offline.

  • Users love to know if they will be seeing extra footage after a movie, this is really useful for people who d


    o not want to miss a thing after the credits start to roll.

  • The five minute synopsis is a hit for some users as they can get a briefing of the movie, especially if they are running late, and they won’t feel as if they are missing out on much.

  • Covers movies that are in wide release so more than likely a favourite movie is covered.

  • Especially useful for long movies and people with a weak bladder.


  • You have to install Adobe Air before using the app. This is not a problem for some users but it is a problem for others.

  • No vibration alert currently installed. However, this is a short-coming that the designer is promising to rectify soon.

Ultimately this app is free for Android phones. The concept is useful and it will be appreciated by movie goers who have longed for an app with just these features. Post a comment and let us know what you think of RunPee.