Android App for Skiing and Snowboarding

Android App for Skiing and Snowboarding
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Ski TrailMaps

Ski TrailMaps Android App

Ski TrailMaps is an Android app for skiing that features over 1,000 downloadable ski maps containing detailed information on marked ski runs and trails located throughout the world. The maps display the elevation of the mountain, location of the trails, the nearest lifts, and various resort camps. The app even has access to webcams that are located at the ski resort. In the detailed ski report, you will find information about the weather conditions, including snow reports. The app is available in the Android Market. To download the app, scan the QR code below, or visit the official site of Ski TrailMaps.

Ski TrailMaps Android App QR Code is another Android app for skiing. The app allows you to view ski resorts through webcams that are mounted at various locations. It provides reports on the weather conditions, including the latest snowfall amounts. The app will have up to date information on ski resort closures. If you need to find a trail that is nearby, the app will locate the nearest trail based on your GPS coordinates. You can also create a list of favorite ski areas and have them available for quick access. To download this app, launch the Android Market on your phone and search for, or visit the official website of Android App


GpsSkiMaps Android App

GpsSkiMaps Android App

Skiers and snowboarders can use the Android app GpsSkiMaps to download maps for various ski resorts located in California, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, the northeast region, and western Canada. The maps feature the location of trails, lifts, restaurants, lodges, parking, and ticket offices. The trails are organized by difficulty. While viewing the maps you can pan and zoom in. The app also features a ski tracker, which will track your skiing routes on a given mountain by using GPS coordinates and overlay the track on the map. You can also determine the distance and bearing between any two points on the map. To download the app, visit the official site of GpsSkiMaps.


Satski is another Android app for skiing. It features a touchscreen interface and real time GPS system. The app allows you to track your progress through the various trails. It will measure the distance covered and the speed at which you ski. The maps feature points of interest, which you can select by pressing the icon. The app provides up to date information regarding weather conditions, snowfall amounts, and closures. It also provides information about events or promotions that are taking place at a specific ski resort. The app also features an emergency button that relays your current GPS coordinates to rescue personnel. To download this app, visit the official site of Satski.

Satski Android App