FlexiSPY Android App Review

FlexiSPY Android App Review
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Disclaimer: This article is written with the intention of giving an overview about the Flexispy Android app and is restricted to the domain of educational purposes and familiarizing you with the app for cell phones running on Android. The writer of the article (or the website) holds no responsibility for the outcome of any action performed by the reader by implementing the application being reviewed in this article.

FlexiSPY Android app is a tool that allows you to spy on another person without his/her knowledge. This application is available for BlackBerry phones, iPhones, phones running on Windows, Android and Symbian. Since this article is about the Flexispy app for Android, the requirements and other features will belong to the Android domain only. Of course it is illegal to spy on another person without their knowledge in this way so don’t do it. A potential use of the app would be to install it on work related phones (with your employees knowledge) so they you can keep tabs on them.

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Requirements for FlexiSPY Android App:

To install Flexispy on a phone it should be running on Android version 1.5 or any version after Android version 1.5. FlexiSPY offers a free FlexiSPY for Android trial for 3 months from the time it is downloaded and not from the time it is installed.

Download FlexiSPY for Android

All the data that FlexiSPY collects from the cell phone that it has been installed on will be sent so a secure server over a secure network. The data can later be searched (word by word) either by going to the Flexispy server or by enabling an option provided by Flexispy to have updates on the activities sent to your email’s inbox.

1) Track SMS: The incoming and outgoing SMS on the cellphone on which you have installed FlexiSPY can be easily tracked even if the text messages are deleted from the inbox.

2) Track Calls: Track all calls (incoming and outgoing) on an Android phone, check the duration of each call made.

3) Trace the location of the person: Check in real time, the approximate location of the person. Ask him/her their location and cross check it with the Flexispy results and find if they are telling the truth. The location of the cell phone is updated in specified periods, thereby providing the location of the person!

4) Ease of Configuration and Connection: There is not much hassle to install the Flexispy app for Android. It can be installed very easily directly on the cell phone running on Android without connecting it to the computer. Configuring the app is very simple and it can be customized very easily in terms of how often the data has to be updated thereby giving total control on the cost and the battery life. If the data from the cell phone has to be updated in small intervals, the cell phone bill will be high and the battery life is decreased otherwise, the interval at which the data is updated can be reduced to maximise battery life and reduce the cellphone bill costs.

5) Total Control: You can have total control over the Flexispy app by sending an SMS to the cell phone on which you have installed Flexispy. By sending texts with certain commands, you can remotely start, stop or deactivate the app.

Additionally Flexispy allows you to listen to the surroundings of the cellphone on which it is installed. This can be done by sending a command to the cellphone by an SMS.

That, was the review of Flexispy, the best spyware app (at the moment) available for Android.