Top 10 Clock Apps for Android

Top 10 Clock Apps for Android
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Retro Clock Widget

Based on the mechanical flipping clock, this clock app for Android also functions as a shortcut to your phone’s alarm and calendar. This clock app is both a homescreen clock and date widget; you can choose which of the two you would like to use on your phone. Features of this Android app include - quick overview of the current time and date, shortcut to alarm clock and calendar apps, follows user preferences for date and time format, and it is a lightweight app. (Download link)

Morning Clock


This Android app lets you customize the color, size and style of the display text. It also lets you set an alarm tone. Other features of this app include - 50+ clock digits designs, multiple color for digits, and multiple in-app backgrounds. Download link.

Digital Clock


If you don’t mind making your Android phone’s screen into a clock, use this Android clock app. It can transform your Android phone into a bedside clock. It lets you change color, brightness and font on the screen easily. You can also set music as an alarm. After installing this Android app on your phone, you might not use your real alarm clock anymore. (Download link)

Adidas Gold Clock Widget


This Android clock widget was made for Adidas fans. It has the Adidas logo turned into a clock in gold. It has one big and one small clock. This clock widget will open your Android phone’s alarm clock app if you press on it. If you want a simple clock widget for your Android phone and you’re an Adidas fan, you can get this widget running on your phone’s homescreen. If you’re not an Adidas fan, well check it out as well, you might like it (Price: EUR0.71) (Download link)

Alarm Clock Plus V2


Here’s possibly one of the best, if not the best, clock widget and app for Android. It was built from the stock Android alarm clock app so you can be pretty sure that this app is 100% reliable. This Android app has so many features that make it more than useful. These include - unlimited alarms, use songs, playlist or ringtone as alarm sound, set any number of problems to solve, 5 math levels, fade in alarm, app alarm, disabling snooze, and more. (Download link)

iClock Analog


Now this one is pretty cool with its multiple brightly colored lights which you can change the color of by double clicking on the digital clock. This app is perfect if you place your Android phone on your table or desk. You can also place it on your nightstand to let you check time in the middle of the night. (Download link)

Kaloer Clock


This Android clock app gives you a big clock that makes it perfect for your nightstand. It has an advanced alarm clock that wakes you up with your favorite music. What’s good about this alarm is that it slowly fades in as it sounds. So, you won’t get annoyed with it. This app also lets you customize it in various ways such as - voice-enabled feature for telling the time if you touch your phone’s screen, variable setting for screen brightness, toggle the fullscreen display on or off, portrait or landscape orientations, starting the app when your Android phone is docked and seven skins. (Download link)

Watercolor Clock


Here’s one of those artistic clock apps for Android. From its name alone you’ll know that this clock app is artsy and beautiful. And indeed it is and simple as well. It displays a clock set on a background which is like a watercolor painting. (Download link)

Alarm Clock Xtreme

Alarm Clock Xtreme2

If you get easily annoyed by your pesky alarm, you’ve got to check this clock app for Android because unlike other alarm clocks, this app wakes you up gently. It also gives you several options to use for the sound of the alarm. You can use music alarm, random song alarm, volume ramp, snooze alarm, shake to snooze, math disable and more. The app also lets you set the maximum number of snoozes and the number of times you can snooze the alarm. (Download link)

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This clock app for Android lets you turn it over into snooze mode. Once the alarm has sounded, you simply flip your phone 180 degrees and you can continue snoozing for a few more minutes. And to stop the alarm from sounding, you simply shake your Android phone. You can also use the soft alarm mode wherein the volume increases slowly until it reaches the final settings. You can also set the time span in which the volume will increase. The app also has a power nap mode and uses arithmetic problems to stop the alarm. Plus the app also has a speech synthesis feature which tells you the time and more. (Download link)