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OnTrack Diabetes


OnTrack is diabetes software for Android phones that helps diabetics supervise their diabetes by tracking a number of items like their glucose, weight, exercise, diet, and medication. The app allows you to set low and high glucose range, provides an easy to use interface and shows result in the form of graphs and charts.

You can download this app for free.

Food Street Diabetes

Food Street Diabetes is an app which helps diabetic patients to cook healthy food that does not affect their diabetes. This is a perfect app that serves

Food street

as your food guide and helps you in making healthy recipes.

You can download this app for free.

Body Sugar

Body sugar

Body Sugar is a useful app that assists diabetic patients in keeping an eye on their blood sugar, diet, weight, and exercise. This diabetes software for Android phones is perfect for diabetes Type I and Type II patients that use humalog injections and need to monitor medication entries.

You can download this app for $1.99

eDiabetes Pro

eDiabetes Pro is a good app for diabetic patients as it helps in controlling their blood sugar levels by guiding them how to exercise, what to eat, how much insulin dose is required and which unforeseen events can affect the blood sugar levels. This is a great app that helps diabetic patients in accomplishing control over their lifestyle.

You can download this app for $1.




Diabetes is an educational flash card app for diabetes Type I and Type II patients that helps you to learn more about this condition. It’s a must have app for medical students, nurses, doctors or people interested in medicine.

You can download this app for $2.99



AgileDiabetes can be used to track and graph blood sugar readings of diabetic patients. This easy to use app even allows you to email the saved blood sugar values to your doctor or yourself. AgileDiabetes menu allows you to set low/high values and units.

You can download it for $0.99


DiabetesManager allows you to view a diabetic patient’s blood glucose reading in charts or table format. The app also allows you to save as well as


export blood glucose and general health data. DiabetesManager can measure glucose levels, humalog doses, exercise, diet, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature and other common health parameters.

You can download this for $5.00

Insulin Calculator

Insulin Calculator

If you enter blood glucose level and carbohydrate values in this app, it will calculate how much insulin dose the concerned diabetic patient requires. This diabetes software for Android phones also features figure correction based on blood glucose levels. Monitoring diabetes is a much easier process with Insulin Calculator.

You can download it for $1.99

Diabetes Log

Maintaining accurate blood glucose data is essential for diabetic patients. Diabetes Log helps you in storing and following blood glucose levels,

Diabetes log

carbohydrate values, insulin and ketones in your body. You can email the stored data to yourself or your physician from this app.

You can download it for $4.99

Track3 Diabetes Planner


Track3 Diabetes Planner tracks blood glucose, diet, exercise, medication and insulin requirements of a diabetic patient. You can customize this application with favorite lists of foods, exercise routines, medications and insulin.

You can download it for $6.99