Best Live Wallpapers For Android 2.1 or Higher

Best Live Wallpapers For Android 2.1 or Higher
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How to Install

Android live wallpapers can be easily set as your phone’s background, if you have a rooted Android device running Android 2.1 or above. Follow these steps to install live wallpapers on your Android devices.

  • Download the essential lib files and the live wallpapers. You can download the lib files from here. Also remember to install Busybox on your Android phone, if you don’t have it.
  • Unzip both the downloaded files and place them on your SDCard. Create two folders with different names such as lib and app. Store the lib files in the lib folder and the wallpapers files in the app folder.
  • Restart your Android device in the recover console and choose mount sub-menu.
  • Mount system and SDCard.
  • Then type – 1 busyboc cp/sdcard/libs/*/system/lib and 1 busybox cp/sdcard/app/*/system/app
  • Now unmount both system as well as SDCard and restart your phone.

Android Live Wallpapers

Here are some of the best Android live wallpapers that will animate your Android device’s background.

PanoPlanet Live Wallpaper

PanoPlanet is an interesting live wallpaper which turns and twists panoramic images into cool backgrounds. The wallpaper follows your movements and rotates the panoramic background image. You will have to get your own images and this wallpaper will make them exciting. This Android live wallpaper comes in desktop slide, touch and sensor rotation modes.

PanoPlanet QR

Price: $1.29



This magical shamrock wallpaper comes to life with fireflies populating the screen. When you touch the screen, the fireflies will circle near your finger. Celebrate and enjoy St. Patrick ’s Day with this startling wallpaper. You can also set the number of fireflies that you intend to see on your screen.

Shamrock qr

Price: Free

Nicky Bubbles


Nicky bubbles add life to your phone whenever you tap to pop them. Shake the handset and watch the bubbles go crazy. This wallpaper’s settings include choosing the number, size and speed of the bubbles. Your personal picture or any skyline from the 4 default skylines can serve as a background in this wallpaper.

nicky bubbles qr

Price: $1.11 or try the free version of this live Android wallpaper.

aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper


If you like koi fishes, then you will love this cool koi fish aquarium wallpaper. You can choose from 12 types of koi fishes, select the animation speed and change the background image with your favorite image. You can even feed the koi fishes and touch the water to create a ripple effect.


Price: Free

Fantasia Nr 7 Live Wallpaper


This fancy Android live wallpaper is made of numerous multicolored particles that move around your phone’s screen.

Fantasia qr

Price: Free

Beautiful Live Weather Live Wallpaper


Beautiful live weather wallpaper displays real weather condition background images. You can experience sunny, rainy, snowy or stormy weather conditions right from your phone’s screen.

Beautiful Live Weather qr

Price: Free

Wakka Live Wallpaper


Wakka is an Android live wallpaper that tries to look like a popular 1980′s arcade game.

Wakka Live Wallpaper QR

Price: $1

Super Mario Live Wallpaper


Super Mario Live Wallpaper is one of the best Live Wallpapers of all time that promises to turn your phone’s background into random sections of the classic Mario game. Mario jumps, flies and smashes through your screen.

Super Mario Live Wallpaper

Price: Free

Ocean Waves Live Wallpaper


Ocean waves is a great looking Android live wallpaper that emulates ocean waves.

Ocean Waves Live Wallpaper QR

Price: Free

City at Night Live Wallpaper


This wallpaper portrays a beautiful image of a city at night with streaks from the traffic and moving clouds.

City at Night qr

Price: $0.99