Top Ten Best Android Widgets

Top Ten Best Android Widgets
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Fancy Widget

Fancy widget for Android is the perfect widget for your home screen. It looks good, displays the time clearly and throws in the current weather conditions based on your location. You may already have this widget if your phone is running Sense UI, but for those of you that have vanilla Froyo, this is a must have to dress up your phone. The application is free for download and has several configurable options.

Battery Widget

Tired of running out of battery life at the worst time? Battery Widget displays a nice sized widget


with your current battery status. You can also give Battery Widget a tap that will allow you to adjust applications that are consuming your battery like Wi-Fi and GPS. Battery widget is available for free and can be downloaded here.



Pandora is one of the best Android widgets around and a must have widget for any music buff. The Pandora widget is visually appealing without taking up too much space and it functions very well. Enter your favorite artist and let Pandora do its work. The Pandora widget is available for free and can be downloaded here.



Tweet your heart out with the TweetCaster for Android. A great app for those that are addicted to the social networking scene. TweetCaster has many configurable options and includes a widget with multiple size options. TweetCaster is available for free by clicking here.

Facebook For Android


If you are a dedicated Tweeter, then you are probably addicted to Facebook too. Download Facebook for Android to keep your status updated and a check on all your friends. Facebook for Android has many options and includes a widget for quick status updates. Facebook for Android is available for free and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Smooth Calendar


Keep all of your appointments and events organized with the Smooth Calendar widget. The Smooth Calendar widget is a visually appealing calendar with several options for customization. Smooth Calendar will sync with your Google calendar to keep things in check. Available for free, download Smooth Calendar by clicking here.

Post it Desk


If you have post it notes every where on your desk or office walls, you might need to add them to your Android phone. Post it Desk is one of the best Android widgets for the job and will bring those yellow squares you love so much to your Android screen. Post it Desk has a few customizable options like font and color and is available for free by clicking here.

LED Light


If you have ever been caught in the dark and need to shed some light on the subject, then LED light is a must have Android widget. LED light turns on the LED camera light with a quick tap on your phone. This is not supported on all Android devices, but is definitely worth checking out. LED light is available for free by clicking here.

Data Counter Widget


Ever wanted to see how much network traffic your phone is using? Download Data Counter Widget to keep track of all those data packets. Data Counter Widget shows Wi-Fi, WLAN and 3G/GPRS traffic and can be downloaded for free by clicking here.

Extended Controls


If you need more toggle options than the default power control that comes with Android, download Extended Controls. Extended Controls has a long list of toggles that you can add to the widget such as GPS, bluetooth, USB tether and hotspot just to name a few. Extended Controls is a must have for quick toggling functionality. Extended Controls is available for .99 cents and can be downloaded by clicking here.

Widget Crazy!

There are so many great widgets available for Android, it is very difficult to choose only ten but these are definitely some of the best Android widgets available. Post a comment and let me know what Android widgets you like!