Top Four Android Business Card Readers

Top Four Android Business Card Readers
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CamCard (Business Card Reader)

This Android business card reader app captures business card images using your Android phone’s camera, recognizes the card image content and organizes the information as contact details and then you can save it to your Android phone’s address book. Among its many nice features you’ll find - multi-language support including English, Chinese, Korean, Danish, and more, the ability to save the recognized result as vCard into system address book or cardholder, automatically trims and enhances the card image, automatically detects card language type, automatically detects image rotation angle, and the ability to obtain business card images from existing image files or from the camera module. With all those features, the price you have to pay to get this app is definitely worth every penny. (Price: $14) (Download link)

BizSnap: Business Card Scanner Screenshots


Here’s a nice Android business card scanner app called BizSnap. This app turns your Android phone into a portable business card scanner by simply taking a photo of a business card using your Android phone’s camera. You can then add the scanned image into your phone’s address book. This app is perfect for business people to let them quickly capture contact info. You can also use this app to scan receipts, especially useful for tracking your expenses quickly. In case you’re interested to know, this app uses OCR technology to read the text on the scanned images of business cards. Other features of this useful app include - unlimited number of card and receipts, cutting edge OCR technology, email captured receipt data and free upgrades to minor releases. (Price: $3.99) (Download link)

MobiReader (Business Card OCR)


Utilizing OCR technology, this business card reader for Android provides you with a variety of functions including personal connections management system. The app is simple and easy to use and supports multi-language interface. It also has an image library function that separately enables saving the captured images into your Android phone’s camera. The app also features quick recognition technology ensuring that information scanned on the business cards is accurate. (Price: $9.70) (Download link)



This app is actually an online business card reader ported for Android phone users. As such, it offers the highest quality scanning technology that combines OCR technology with human quality checks. The app captures information from your business cards and stores it in VCard format so that you can easily import it to other platforms including BlackBerry or Microsoft Outlook address book. The app also offers high security with daily security scans by McAfee Secure, ensuring the security and privacy of all your data. Aside from saving the scanned information to your phone, you can also opt to store it on, the app developer’s site where you will need to pay a minimal fee. After registering an account, you can start scanning business cards and save them online. (Price: Free) (Download link)