Buy & Sell Android App Copyrights from What is the Website and How Does it Work?

Buy & Sell Android App Copyrights from What is the Website and How Does it Work?
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Open Platform

A number of things separate Google’s Android OS from Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod, collectively using the iOS platform; well

many things separate them, really. One of the biggest is the Android app and its development rules and availability. Android is an entirely open platform and that means anyone can create an Android app then list it on the Android app site, the Android Market, not to mention any of the numerous third-party Android app download websites. These third-party websites are another major difference between the Android OS and iOS platforms; anyone can sell Android apps**,** whereas not just anyone can sell iOS apps**.**

Well, a new game has come to town;, a web site that allows developers to buy and sell Android app rights. What does this mean to developers and how does it promote the Android ecosystem? & GoLive! Mobile


The website claims that it is the only example of a website that allows the open auctioning of mobile application rights-not the apps themselves. So far, this specific claim appears true. is owned by GoLive! Mobile, which states that it has facilitated over $100 million in transactions since it started in 2006. GoLive! Mobile facilitates more than simply buying and selling app rights. The company has served the likes of Disney, Coca Cola and other big name companies with their various offerings. lists on their front page various recently sold and bought Android app rights, much like E-Bay does. Two examples of recently sold Android app rights include one for “Wall N Droid,” which sold for $200 and “Weather Boy,” which sold for a whopping $2,500. Other app rights are available and include the likes of “Baby Gender Finder," with a recent bid of $100, the ever popular Friend Finder, with a recent bid of $7,023, and “Zap Movies,” with a recent bid of $3,500. What does this mean for the buyers and sellers?

How Does Work?

To sell Android app rights means that the developers can create the app and then sell the copyright to the highest bidder. To sell a copyright means that the person who wins the auction has the right to do anything they want with the app. It also means that they are then entitled to the profit generated by all future app sales, if any.

The biggest advantage to this bidding system is that with apps such as Friend Finder, all a buyer needs to do is place the highest bid then post that Android app to the Android Market or third-party app site and wait for the revenue share to roll in. There is no app development involved, which means the person buying the app can make money from it faster. The money made can amount to a few dollars or a few hundred dollars or more, depending on the app popularity and how much it will cost for people to download and use the app. The developer can finally realize a larger profit much faster and without putting too much work into the project.

The bidding system is the single most important aspect of the service and probably one of the biggest reasons for its success. Using this service, app developers can realize a large profit in a few days.The only other alternatives that exist now are the private application rights selling, or selling the Android apps on an app site after developing them. The former is difficult and can take years to finally buy out the copyright while the latter can also take time to do and may end up costing the developer much more than they would make by posting the app to an app site.

Can Developers and Android App Buyers Make Money?

The second most important aspect of the Android app auctioning service is that it gives Android app developers the

FriendFinder App

opportunity to gauge what the market wants to buy, what investors are willing to invest in, and then use that information to guide all future Android app development plans. This can increase the developer’s success when he or she plans to develop and sell Android app copyright in the future.

This is a major break in the Android ecosystem. The system allows Android developers to realize a larger share of the profitability of their work up-front, which will encourage more app development. As this is the only site of its kind and they seem to be enjoying success, one can bet that there will be other such marketplaces in the future.

Consider this, you, personally could develop an app, post it to the website to sell its rights by auctioning on this site. Anyone can sell Android app rights and could potentially make a lot of money. The same goes for those who buy the rights, especially rights of popular apps such as the Android Friend Finder. Simply buying the copyright to an Android app like this could make anyone-not only the developers-a lot of money almost overnight. These two aspects of the service will drive app development and create greater opportunities for everyone in the Android ecosystem.

Long-Term Outlook

For a developer to sell or otherwise make available an Android app and use the auctioning website, that developer does not have to go through an application or approval process. Instead, they simply develop the app and let it go to the highest bidder, which opens up the opportunity for Android app development so that everyone can equally share in Android app success. With iPhone, and more specifically, the iOS, a developer and its respective iOS apps must have Apple approval and, well, there is only one “Apple App store and it is on iTunes. Except of course if a user’s iPhone or other iOS device is jailbroken, then those users have access to Cydia, the jailbroken iOS app store, but that is an entirely different issue. Overall, to openly sell Android app rights, developers would surely prefer to have a choice, which is a better alternative.

Considering the current success the website has had thus far and the prices the apps are “selling” for, this website could potentially be quite profitable to all involved. With a bit of luck and resources, anyone can buy or sell and app’s rights and finally realize their dreams of being an Android app seller.