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Android Sync with Outlook
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Android – Outlook

One of the biggest complaints users have with Android is that they cannot directly sync Outlook with their Android devices. Microsoft Outlook controls the emails, contacts, appointments, tasks and memos for millions of users. Not being able to access Outlook from Android is painful for them. However, there are some applications and methods that allow you to achieve an Android sync with Outlook. Take a look.

Android Sync with Outlook: Apps

  • Galaxy: You can easily sync Outlook with Android using this free application. This application is available for download in the Android Market. Galaxy syncs contacts via Outlook Web mail server. But, it does require some implementation.

  • Outlook Sync Client: You can use this application to synchronize your Outlook contacts with an Android device. It is a free application available for download in the Android Market. Outlook Sync Client only works for Outlook 2003 and 2007 versions.

  • Andook Lite: You can easily transfer your Android phone contacts to Outlook using this free sync application. You can also send your Outlook contacts list, in a CSV file format, to your Android phone. This application offers a two-way sync. All you have to do is insert a microSD card into your PC and transfer the CVS file onto it. Then install and configure Andook Lite on your Android device. Now connect the SD card with your phone. This application reads data from the CVS file and imports it into your phone contacts.

  • The Missing Sync for Android 1.4: The fully featured version of the missing sync for Android application comes with a high price tag of $40. However, installing the companion application on your Android is free. The application allows you to sync contacts, notes, media, calendars and more over Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Apart from the high price tag, the application works exactly as advertised.

    missing sync for android

  • CompanionLink: The app connects your Google account with Outlook in order to sync with Android. All you have to do is download the CompanionLink software to your computer. This software will sync your Outlook contacts, tasks and calendar with your Google account. The Google account sends this information to your Android phone when it’s synchronizing email and other settings. The full version application comes for $39.95.

    companion link

Android Sync with Outlook via Google


  • Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Select “File” and click on “Options” and then “Advanced”. Now locate “Export” and click on it. Then click “Export to a file” and the “Next" option. Choose “Comma Separated Values” (CVS) as the file format type.
  • Identify the contact folder that you want to export and then click “Next”. Now save the CSV file on your workstation. Click “Next” and then “Finish.”
  • Log into the Google account linked with your Android device. Select “Gmail” and click on “Contacts”.
  • Locate and choose “More actions”. Then click “Import”. Choose the CSV file that you saved on your workstation. Lastly click “Import” to transfer contacts.
  • You can use the same procedure to sync calendar, notes and memos.