Top Five Android IM Apps

Top Five Android IM Apps
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Meebo IM

Meebo is not a novice when it comes to mobile IM apps. I’ve used Meebo on various platforms and I would have to say that it’s probably one of the best IM apps around. The Android version of their IM chat is not an exception. In fact, it’s a rock solid Android app that answers all your mobile chatting needs. This Android IM app lets you log in to all your IM accounts and send messages for free. It stays connected and keeps track of your chat history, ensuring that you’ll never miss an important message. Meebo IM Android app supports major IM clients including Google Talk, MySpace, Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, Jabber, and AIM. (Download link)

eBuddy for Android

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Here’s another nice Android IM app that runs in the background so that you can do other things on your Android phone while ensuring that your buddies will know that you are still online. It will even alert you through sounds or vibration whenever new messages come in. It also automatically reconnects you when your Internet connection is lost. eBuddy for Android also integrates your buddy list from GTalk, MSN, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ and other IM and social networking accounts. One nice feature of the app is that you can easily switch between chat windows, making it easier to chat with several of your buddies at the same time. Finally, something that those who’ve been chatting since time immemorial will appreciate - emoticons and buzzers to personalize your chat. (Download link)

IM+: Instant Messaging for Android

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I’ve used IM+ in both my iPad and iPhone before and I would have to say that it’s really a great mobile IM app. Available in both free and paid versions, IM+ for Android is a pretty robust and feature-rich IM app. Like the previous IM options on our list, this app keeps you connected with buddies on various major IM clients. One great feature of this IM app is that it allows you to view all open dialogs and unread messages in one window. It also supports emoticons and avatars. (Download link)


Nimbuzz 2

Another Android IM app that you may want to check out is Nimbuzz IM which was released just last month. It supports major IM platforms and lets you connect your existing accounts. The app features a smart buddy list layout that displays avatar and presence information in a single list. Like IM+, it also automatically reconnects when your Android phone loses its connection. A unique feature of this Android IM app is the time sensitive UI that detects how long you press on a buddy’s name - if you tap on your buddy’s name lightly it opens their profile and if you tap on it with a stronger touch, the app instantly opens up a new chat window. Another great feature of this app that I like is that it allows you to share links to multimedia content and the app will play the content in a browser window. Then, you can swiftly switch from your chat window to the browser window. The app also sends alerts for incoming chats while the app runs in the background. (Download link)

Yahoo Messenger for Android

Yahoo Messenger for Android

What could be the best Yahoo chat for Android other than Yahoo’s own Messenger app for Android? It also has instant notifications, lets you view your friend’s status and update your own, check out your existing friends and make new ones, send camera and gallery photos, and supports emoticons. The app also lets you chat with your MSN/Windows Live friends. If you’ve always been a Yahoo Messenger user, you’ll love to have this app on your Android. Even if you’re not a YM fan, you might want to check this app out anyway. (Download link)