Grade Control and Lesson Plan Software for Android

Grade Control and Lesson Plan Software for Android
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Schmoop {Guides to Literature, Lesson Plans}

Shmoop does not sound like a serious name, but it is a useful tool for teachers, especially for those working in a liberal arts environment. It offers study guides for literature, US history, poetry, and civics. It also has biographies of famous people.

The guides are easy to read because the approach is with kids in mind. So each guide has a down-to-earth look and feel with pop culture connections. This, in turn, makes the subjects easier to grasp and more enjoyable for students.

Another feature about Shmoop is that teachers can develop lesson plans based on different categories. There are assignments and activities, essays and discussion questions, reading quizzes, and current events and pop culture. All of which makes this very useful lesson plan software for Android phone owners.


Grading Scale For Teachers {Grade Control}

This app lets teachers calculate test scores. However, teachers do not need a calculator. Currently it supports English, Spanish, and French languages. All a teacher needs to do is enter a number of questions, click grade, and the score will appear. As a grading tool, it can help teachers with their lesson plans since it makes grading easier. The lesson plans, which at some point incorporate tests, must also be graded quickly. Once the teacher knows the test scores, they can modify their plans to incorporate issues and results from the test scores.

Grading Scale For Teachers



ClassDroid {Class Room Control - Lesson Plans}

ClassDroid is free lesson plan software for Android-based smartphones. It lets teachers control many areas of the classroom information. For instance, the teacher can take a picture of the student or the student’s work and upload it into the student’s online portfolio. The online portfolio can incorporate the lessons that the class worked on, and hone in on what the student is doing. The app supports images stored on a Wordpress site, which are available using a web browser on any web-enabled device. Students and parents can then view their work and grades online.


Image: Classdroid

PrimaryPad {Text Collaboration}

This web-based word processor allows pupils and teachers to collaborate in real time. Editing of the document is instantly available on the screens of all participating users. This enables new ways to collaborate on text documents. Primary Pad is useful for team programming, educational information sharing, meeting notes, and drafting sessions.

Primary Pad

Image: PrimaryPad

iGrade {Class - Grade - Collaboration}

iGrade for Teachers is an application entirely designed by and for teachers. Its user interface gives teachers instant access to everything they need wherever they need it. It is a tool to manage all student information including notes, tardies and absences. iGrade for Teachers is storing grades, whatever the scoring format is and provides teachers with detailed statistics in real time. Lesson plans can be designed using the notes section.


Image RawApps

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Remember the Milk {Task Management - Lesson Plans}

This lesson plan software for Android is different from the others already mentioned that teachers can use. This allows teachers to keep track of the tasks that they must do on a daily basis, like create tests, grade tests, talk to students, create lesson plans. Other features include smart notifications; it syncs itself in the background and offers widgets that can show any particular saved list. It is also location aware and users get an alert when they are near a location containing tasks. Users can use the Internet to create and monitor lists and tasks. The app keeps the lists on the Cloud (the Internet). The app is free, but after the 15-day free trial, users will need to shell out $US25/year in order to do sync operations.





These Android apps for teachers have many dimensions. They can help teachers control their tasks in the class, monitor students, work collaboratively with students, manage grades and assignments. There is also plenty of lesson plan software for Android. Teachers can create lesson plans, not only by using the text, but in collaboration with students to help them focus on learning material. They can also communicate with students and parents. Most of the apps are free, although in some cases annual fees are charged for cloud computing.

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