Top Nexus One Holsters

Top Nexus One Holsters
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Seidio Innocase Holster Case combo for Google Nexus One

Don’t mind the higher price of this holster compared to the other Nexus One holsters on our list. This is a combo pack anyway, which means you’re not only getting the Innocase Holster but also the Innocase II Case. The Innocase Holster has a spring clip that holds your Nexus One securely in place and then lifts for quick access. It also has a felt liner and face-in design which protect your screen from scratches and exposure to outside elements. What’s good about the Innocase Holster is the fact that you can wear it in seven different positions - from horizontal to vertical. Of course it would be best to have the Innocase holster together with the Innocase II Case for optimum protection for your Nexus One. (Price: $44.99)

Belkin Slim-Fit Leather Case for Google Nexus One

Belkin Slim-Fit Leather Case - Black For Google Nexus One

Belkin says that this leather case uses the same premium material used in Mercedes cars interiors. I don’t have a Mercedes so I really can’t tell how good that leather is. But anyway, this Belkin leather case features a slim-fit design that provides complete protection for your Nexus One. It has a flexible bottom that allows you to quickly remove your phone while necessary. It also has a elastic siding that gives a perfect fit and easy access to your phone. Of course, the case comes with a rotating swivel clip so that you can easily snug it closely and conveniently to your body. The case also comes with padded exterior and a mesh base that allows you to quickly access the phone’s volume keys. (Price: $14.95)

Eva Pouch Case for Nexus One

Eva Pouch Case for Nexus One

If you want to keep your Nexus One secure and accessible, the Eva Pouch Case might be the holster case for you. It protects your Nexus One from dirt and scratches and has a built-in thumb groove that allows you to remove your phone easily. It also has reinforced elastic bands that provide full corner protection. This case also comes with a 90 degree ratchet clip that attaches easily to your belt, backpack or purse. (Price: $11.99)

Marware CEO Premiere Leather Horizontal Case

Marware CEO Premiere Leather Horizontal Case for HTC Google Nexus One

Marware is a popular brand of mobile phone accessories. So it is not surprising that they are also among the first to release some great Nexus One accessories when the phone officially became available. The Marware CEO Premier Leather Horizontal Case has an elegant and business-like look and is made of premium leather with perforated texture and a classic design. It’s perfect for business and corporate users. The case also features a tough structure and a slim fixed belt to keep your Nexus One totally safe. And you can access it easily, thanks to its magnetic flap closure. (Price: $25.99)

Barcelona Google Nexus One Universal Horizontal Cell Phone Holster with Belt Loop and Clip

Barcelona Small PDA: Google HTC Nexus One : HTC G1 size Universal Horizontal Cell Phone Case : Pouch : Holster with Belt Loop & Belt Clip

This Nexus One pouch comes with a soft inside with a 1.5-inch belt loop and rotating belt clip. This ensures that your Nexus One is fitted perfectly without the fear of falling off your belt. You can use it with or without the belt loop as it closes with a magnetic closure that provides a secure fit. This holster is durable so you don’t have to worry about breaking it often and buying another one for some time. It also fits other mobile phones including the HTC Hero or other PDAs up to 4.7-inch high x 2.50-inch wide x 0.67-inch thick. (Price: $8.99)