How to Save the Battery Life of Your Google Nexus One

How to Save the Battery Life of Your Google Nexus One
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How to Save Battery Life of Your Nexus One - Google Tips

Even Google probably realizes that one Nexus One issue that they are going to face is battery life. Hence, Google was quick to release a battery life walkthrough that aims to help users save some previous battery juice of the Nexus One.

Google’s first advice is to turn off features which you don’t normally use and that are just running in the background. These features and functions include Bluetooth, GPS, and Wi-Fi. You can just turn this on whenever you need to use any of them. To make your life easier, be sure to pull out the Power Control widget and put it in one of your Nexus One’s home screens.

Google also advises you to turn off auto-syncing to Gmail, Contacts, and Calendar. If turning these features off still doesn’t give you enough power saving performance, pull out the Battery Use options and bring it on your home screen so that you can easily check how much of your battery juice are being utilized by the various phone applications and features. Finally, you might want to reduce the screen brightness of your phone. If you’ve pulled out the power control widget, the screen brightness setting is the fifth icon represented by a sun icon.

How to Save Battery Life of Your Nexus One - The Non-Google Tips

Now, after reading Google’s tips, you might wonder why Google put so many features into the Nexus One if you can’t let them run without consuming too much of your phone’s battery. I mean, why not release a smartphone with features that stays alive for longer time?

Actually you can leave some basic features of the phone on and still get longer battery life. So, here are other tips posted by others who are not from Google.

The first tip is to get a task manager than can automatically kill any apps that you are not using anymore. One Nexus One problem is that it doesn’t shut off apps that you’ve done using. You have to manually turn them off. So, it would be better to use a task manager.

Discharge your phone until the red LED indicator is showing. Then recharge it until the LED is green. Let it stay connected with the charger for a couple of hours before unplugging your Nexus One’s charger. Do this procedure 3 times a month and for sure, your Nexus One’s battery would last longer than it normally does.

Now here’s one tip that I’ve stumbled upon on the internet. It says don’t use your Nexus One if it is hot. So let it cool down before using it. Also, don’t use your phone right after a full charge or after turning it on. Ideally, you should leave it in idle mode for two hours. That would give extra battery life.

Other things you may do are to delete old text messages, clear the cache regularly, and refresh your Nexus One’s browser.