Motorola Droid Phone Review Comparison - a Meta-Review

Motorola Droid Phone Review Comparison - a Meta-Review
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The Motorola Droid is an attractive smartphone with a touchscreen and various features. It runs on the Google Android operating system and it has been advertised as an iPhone beater. Motorola has struggled in recent years and it seems since their big success with the RAZR that they have fallen behind in the mobile phone industry. The Droid is a chance for them to hit back and prove they are a big name, so does it live up the hype? In this article we take a look at some of the top Motorola Droid reviews to see how the phone has been received since released.

Motorola Droid Reviews - Engadget

One of the most in depth reviews of the Motorola Droid appears on the excellent website Engadget. They have given the phone a real test and the review provides detailed sections on the various features offered. They approve of the excellent screen and the design of the handset. The keyboard and sound quality are good. The camcorder fares well but the camera is described as slow and awkward to use. The Android operating system is still relatively new but the version used on the Droid performs well and looks attractive and the platform is sure to continue to improve. The GPS turn-by-turn directions are a strong selling point especially since the service works with Google Maps and is free. All in all the Droid is described as an excellent smartphone but they stop short of confirming it as an iPhone beater.

For more you can read the full Engadget review.

Motorola Droid Reviews - CNET

Another big site to check out if you are looking for Motorola Droid reviews is CNET. Once again their review highlights the gorgeous screen and the backlit keyboard and touch controls. The user interface is clear and easy to use. There is good contact management and the phone is great for fast web browsing. Once again the navigation via Google Maps is mentioned as a big plus because the service usually costs extra. The media player works well and the audio quality is strong although they point out that music and video capabilities are trailing behind the competition. They also don’t like the feel of the keyboard and bemoan the lack of Bluetooth voice dialling. The editor’s rating is 4/5.

For more you can read the full CNET review.

Motorola Droid Reviews - Wired

Motorola Droid Android Mobile Phone

Wired offers another great review with plenty of detail and while they aren’t wowed by the physical design the screen is praised. They feel the keyboard functions well although it can be tricky to use. The fast browser is described as a highlight and of course the killer app is once again the Android GPS with Google Maps. The lack of easy syncing for music is pointed out but they like the contact management and email functionality. Overall they describe the Droid as a good solid offering with plenty of strong features and they have awarded it 8/10.

For more you can read the full Wired review.

Motorola Droid Reviews – Amazon

If you want to know how the Motorola Droid has been received by customers then it is worth checking out Amazon and having a look at the customer reviews. There are well over 50 reviews from short comments to fully detailed opinions. These reviews give you a real sense of how the phone performs and whether it is living up to expectations. Currently the scoring is as follows:

  • 49 awarded 5/5
  • 17 awarded 4/5
  • 7 awarded 3/5
  • 7 awarded 2/5
  • 4 awarded 1/5

You can find more customer reviews at Amazon.


The Motorola Droid is clearly proving popular. There are a few niggles and some quirks, but we can expect some improvement and refinement over the next few months. As a smartphone it stacks up well against the competition and looks set to continue to sell well. If you are looking to buy a Motorola Droid in the UK then note that they have renamed it the Motorola Milestone for UK release.