Best Free Android Applications

Best Free Android Applications
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Android Apps

The Android operating system is diverse and supported by an ever increasing range of mobile phones. This potential competitor for the Apple iPhone has a store of its own called Android Market. You’ll find all sorts of apps and games at the Android Market and in this article we list some of the top free Android applications. There are apps for various purposes, so let’s break them down by subject.

Free Android Apps for Shopping

ShopSavvy is a great idea and it uses your mobile phone in an inventive way. If you find something at the store that you like the look of

simply use your mobile phone camera to scan the barcode and this application will search the Internet for the best price. It may even be able to give you the best price at local stores so you can avoid paying more than you have to.

Yellowbook is another great service which helps you to find whatever you need. It now has voice recognition so just say what you want from restaurants to plumbers and this app will provide with instant local results.

OpenIntents Shopping List saves you from scribbling on bits of paper. Simply enter the items you need into this list app and tick them off as you pick them up. This is very easy to use and very handy.

Free Android Apps for Finance

Finance Android App

Finance provides you with access to your Google Finance portfolios and offers real time quotes. It is essentially a stock quote and portfolio app.

Mobile Banking is a very handy app that allows you to pay bills, transfer funds and find local ATMs or banks with GPS. Easy and efficient to use this is a useful app.

Free Android Apps for Weather

JS Weather allows you to add weather widgets to your desktop so you can keep track of weather conditions in various locations. It also offers GPS location tracking and, where available, cam views.

iMap Weather provides you with accurate weather information including high quality radar images and up to the minute forecasts for your chosen locations.

Free Map Apps

My Maps Editor is a nifty app that lets you attach a photo to a location, use GPS and fully edit your maps which you can then share. The ability to create personalized maps and share them with friends is great fun.

Places Directory lets you browse for specific categories in your local area from restaurants to movie theaters or banks. It shows your distance, provides directions and even offers ratings and sometimes photos of the location.

Free Social Apps for Android


FBabble Android App

is a great wee app that offers real-time chat, Facebook access and automatic Twitter updates. You can also use it to upload photos. Ideal for Facebook junkies.

MySpace Mobile lets you keep up to date with your MySpace account from your phone. You can get full access and upload updates, chat or add photos with this app.

Best Free Android Applications

As you can see there are lots of top free apps for Android. We’ll finish off the article with some random apps which are either useful or just plain fun.

Speaking Pad is a fairly pointless app which you can have some fun with. It basically speaks aloud whatever you type in a computerized voice. I recommend you refuse to talk anymore and simply use this app to communicate.

Soccer Livescores is a brilliant app that allows you to keep up with the latest football results no matter where you are. Even when dragged out to the shops by the wife or girlfriend you can find out the latest important results delivered direct to your phone for free.

Lyric Search is a handy app that lets you search for song lyrics and copy and paste them. You can search by artist or song name and you can find a link to buy the song direct.