Essential Apps for The T-Mobile G1: 4 Must Have Google Android Utility Programs

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Ak Notepad

Ak Notepad is a notepad program that serves it’s exact purpose. Unlike some of the other notepad programs that are on the Android Marketplace, Ak Notepad gives you the ability to create, edit and save notes. An added bonus to the application is that you can also set reminders with notes. I’ve experimented with a few of the notepad programs that are on the marketplace and after much testing, this is the one to go with.

Toggle Settings

Toggle Settings is more than an Application, it’s a tool. It gives you access to many of the key features and settings on the T-Mobile G1 with just a few simple clicks. With one click there is access to popular items such as power settings, GPS, Wi-Fi and more. Two Clicks brings users to their Ringer Mode, Screen Timeout, and other wireless options. A handy to tool to change settings with ease, while allowing for one handed navigation via your touchscreen Google Android device.

Save MMS

Save MMS is a fairly simple app that lets you save pictures that have come through in MMS message form to your Google Android based device. When you receive an MMS message and want to save the picture that came along with it, all you have to do is launch the Save MMS application. The application will automatically find the pictures that have come through as attachments and are in your text message inbox. Then you can rename and save them to the SD card on the device. The program only allows users to save images to the default folder at this time, of course you can move them around from there.


The Astro application is a file explorer tool. Astra has a nice user interface and is very user friendly. The application allows users to uninstall and install downloaded applications, launch audio and video files, create files and do other things that a file explorer should do. Not to mention the added backup feature that allows you to backup applications to your SD Card. If you have applications that you delete because you need to clear up space on the T-Mobile G1, the backup utility allows you to save them and reinstall them at a later date.

The number of Google Android Apps currently available continues to grow at a quick rate, the apps i’ve listed above are a few easy to use applications that have helped me personally create a more enjoyable experience on my T-Mobile G1, they each offer quick installs, there each free to use, and they extend the G1’s abilities, what more could you ask for?