Guide to Security on Android Phones

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We take a look here at all the facts and apps you need to know about with regard to Android security. Whether it’s viruses and malware you are concerned about, or the security of your phone in general – what would you do if your phone got stolen? Fortunately there are some great phone locator apps that can help should you fall victim to this crime; they locate the phone, allow you to wipe the information, sound an alarm, and even take video of the criminal in some cases.

With Android being the open platform that it is, unfortunately that does mean that you are statistically more at risk of a virus threat through a malicious app than an iPhone user would be, but do not fret as there are loads of options to keep you protected.

And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the use of password apps to protect your security too.

So let’s go protect that phone!

Is Android Malware Really Worth Worrying About?

A great place to start! This article tackles the question you are all wondering about – is malware such a real threat that you need to start worrying about it, or is it all over-blown nonsense? Find out if it’s just scaremongering, what the real threats are, and what you can do about it.

Best Android Security Applications

Unfortunately the world of viruses, phishing, spyware and malware isn’t the sole domain of the computer market anymore, it is a growing concern in the smartphone world now too. This fantastic article guides you through the world of Android security apps and brings you only the best to keep you and your phone protected.

What’s the Best Android Phone Locator App?

An Android user’s worst nightmare is having their precious phone stolen, or that dreaded feeling that it’s been lost. There are some great apps out there that can help to locate your phone in various ways including using the phone’s GPS, and getting the phone to sound an alarm. We take a look at your best options.

Popular Options to Help Locate Mobile Phones

Although this is an article about smartphones in general, rather than Android devices specifically, there is a lot of great information here that can help you locate a mobile phone, for whatever reason. We take a particularly close look at the Lookout Mobile Security app for Android phones which can not only locate your phone, but is also great as an all-round security app in scanning for malware and suspicious apps.

Top Virus Protection for Android

Your Android phone is at a potential risk of viruses from many different avenues, so it makes sense to make sure it’s protected in the same way as you protect your PC. This article rounds up all your best anti-virus options to keep your information safe, and your phone risk-free.

Review of AVG Security Pro for Android

There is no shortage of security apps around that offer your Android protection in all kinds of different ways. AVG Security Pro is a pretty comprehensive package that offers a bit more than your average security protection. Find out if it’s worth parting with your cash for, in this review.

Lock your Phone with the Biolock App

A phone is next to worthless to a thief if it has been locked, and there are a slew of apps that offer remote locking should the worst happen to your precious gadget. Biolock is an app with a difference though, as it uses facial recognition to lock the phone should it be found in the wrong hands. Sounds good in theory, but is it worth a download?

Looking for the Best Android Firewall App

Threats to mobile security are increasing all the time, so setting yourself up with a firewall on your phone isn’t such a crazy idea as you might first think. If you have a ponder over the different kinds of information that you input onto your phone, from mobile banking to Internet purchases, you’ll begin to see the need. This round-up brings together your best apps to consider.

Round-Up of the Best Android Back-Up Apps

We increasingly entrust our smartphones with a huge amount of information which it really pays to back-up. If you use your phone as a music player especially you want to make sure these files are backed-up as it could cost an awful lot to replace your music library. We take a look at what these apps do and which are the best ones for you.

Top 5 Android Privacy Apps

One of the Android security basics is to make sure your privacy is protected when on the go with your lovely phone. This selection looks at your top five options for privacy apps that work in many different ways. There are some that let you lock certain apps, some that have integrated virus protection, others that protect just your photos, and other general ones with built-in virus protection as well as those that alert you to suspicious apps.

How to Block Calls on your Android Phone

Taking the term “privacy” in its widest sense, one of the more simple ways to protect yourself when out and about is to block calls from irritating callers. Truly keeping your cell phone private so you don’t have to deal with unwanted calls. There are many ways and apps to help you achieve privacy nirvana.

How to Avoid Identity Theft on Android

Everything you need to know to protect your personal identity. Identity theft is a very real threat in all areas of life, and where’s there’s tech, there will be someone who wants to manipulate it to further their own gains. Here we take a look at how you can eliminate this risk on your Android phone.

Password Protection with HideNSeek for Google Android

The HideNSeek app is an official Google app that lets you protect certain files and password protect them with ease. The app works cleverly by creating a “flashlight” app – an app that looks pointless but works as an access screen. You can protect many different kinds of files on this app. Found out more in our review.

Top Password Managers for Android Phones

How many times a day do you think you are required to input a password? It’s no wonder we find ourselves clicking on that ‘forgot password’ link, or just end up using a really easy to remember password for every single place we need one – not ideal from a security point of view. There are password manager apps you can get that store all your passwords and credit card information really safely so you can up your security and choose a complicated password and not worry about forgetting it – these apps have your back.