Top Seven Free Android Exchange Rate Apps

Top Seven Free Android Exchange Rate Apps
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There are several reasons why an exchange rate app can be useful, if you are buying overseas property, emigrating, repatriating funds back home, sending money overseas to friends and family, making import payments for your business, going on holiday, work in a different country part time or as a currency trader, then you may need an exchange rate app. There are several free Android exchange rate apps on the market that perform currency conversions, some of them are simple and straightforward and others are quite sophisticated including charts and graphs. Here is a line up of seven currency converters that are currently free in the Android Market.

1. Exchange Rates

The exchange rates app has several useful features and it is quite simple to use. It comes with an integrated calculator where users can easily convert their rates. The app also displays an extensive list of currencies from around the world and it includes the latest gold price which can be converted to currency and vice versa. The app is very useful for people who would want to compare several currencies at once. A major pro for this app is that it has no ads and the converter works offline. The cons are not many as it is fairly simple, however, we found that it has no widget which can be a big turn off for some people and the opening list of currencies cannot be edited.

2. Currency Exchange Rates

Currency Exchange Rate

The currency exchange app gives users the chance to view currency exchange rates in real time. It converts easily between currencies and offers users the option to isolate their favourite currencies from a very long list of over 160 currencies. The developers offer real time currency charts in full screen mode and the option to view the latest currency news. The app comes with a built-in calculator which makes conversion easy and straightforward. There is a search feature in this app that allows the user to search currency by code or description. The major pro for this app is that it is ad free and currency rates and charts can be viewed offline whenever the user wants to access them. The con is that we found that one or two of the currencies are not working. This is fixable, however, and the developers have made provision for users to contact them when there is an issue like this.

3. Fast Exchange Rate

Fast Exchange Rate

As the name implies this app offers a chance to download current exchange rates quickly and easily. There is also an option to work offline. Other features include browsing currency history and a built-in calculator to convert rates. The application has a widget where you can choose your favourite currency; the favourite currency will then be shown first on the currency list. A major pro for this app is that it allows you to create visuals of your currency comparisons. The major con – users are not allowed to select their currency of choice as the default currency.

4. aCurrency

aCurrency App

This app has a home screen widget and the features include a 1-to-1 exchange rate calculator with automatically updated exchange rates and inverse conversion. Users can track multi-currency, the rates are automatically updated, so the results are very accurate. For anyone who wants to view the app in landscape or portrait view , this app allows for a transition between both views. There is also an hourly exchange rates update feature and users can take a screenshot for sharing. This app is a bit more sophisticated than just a standard money conversion app. It has charts and graphs and shows comparisons of currencies for up to a year. This app could be very useful for a currency trader as well as a person who wants to follow currency market trends. It can be slow on some phones, however, overall it does its job nicely.

5. Kcast Gold Live!™

Gold Live !

Knowing what the metals market is doing can be very handy for some people who are not just interested in currency conversion. The Kcast Gold Live!™ app for Android allows users to see what is going on in the precious metal markets and also to convert currency. Not only does the app offer coverage of the precious metal market, there are also quotes for oil, base metals and mining stocks. Every ten minutes the price for gold and other spot prices are updated. For users not to be left out of the loop, they also offer current news and commentaries related to the market. The app also offers exchange rate comparisons for thirteen major currencies and a unit of measure conversion option. Strictly speaking this app is not a currency converter, hence, thirteen may be a limited amount of currencies that can be converted, however, it comprehensively represents the metals market.

6. Currency

Currency App

Simply titled Currency, this app was ranked very highly on iPhone and now it is available on Android phones. It is a very basic app that provides currency exchange rates from over 180 countries. The interface is pretty simple – enter the currency you want to convert and get your results instantly. A major pro for this app is that it carries some of the lesser known currencies because of its vast database. Major con – there is no inverse currency conversion for the Android version.

7. Oanda Currency Converter

Oanda fx Trade for Android

This was our first introduction to Android exchange rate apps and certainly it is ranked very highly because it is quite comprehensive. Oanda converts over a hundred and ninety currencies, plus four precious metals, using benchmark Oanda Rates. Plus, it boasts the same daily filtered exchange rates used by auditing firms and banks. Additionally, users can choose the interbank rate, or use the percentage add-on feature to calculate typical rates charged by credit card companies and banks. This is a very useful app and quite simple to use and it carries some currencies that no other exchange rate app has listed. Major con or bug – unless the app is restarted the prices are not updated as they should be.