The Top 5 Free Harry Potter Android Apps: Clock Widgets, Encyclopedias and Harry Potter Spell Apps

The Top 5 Free Harry Potter Android Apps: Clock Widgets, Encyclopedias and Harry Potter Spell Apps
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Potter aficionados will do anything to show their love and support for the bespectacled magician, be it watching every new movie or collecting promotional material, games or software. Those who own an Android device will find a big list of Harry Potter applications. From clock widgets and movie clips to spell casters and encyclopedias – the list is probably endless.

To help users avoid the pain of going through an exhaustive list of applications, we have compiled some of the best free Harry Potter Android apps that will surely catch the attention of every HP fanatic.

Harry Potter Spell Caster

Potter wannabes will love having this spell caster application installed on their Android device. With this app, you get a chance to don the wizard’s robe and draw shapes on the Android screen to cast popular spells. The free version allows you to search for 15 symbols, whereas the paid version packs in more symbols and spells. For newbie spell casters, there’s a mini-tutorial to get the hang of things, courtesy of the Headmaster, with occasional tips from Snape who may provide a few hints if he so wishes. Brainy spell casters may discover a symbol without getting any help or hints from wizards.

Harry Potter Spells App for Potter Enthusiasts

This Harry Potter app challenges players to search for different magic symbols. Most of the spells might be difficult to guess if you are not quite familiar with every spell and curse. The app design is very simple and does not have any special animated effects and voices from HP movies while casting spells, unlike the Harry Potter Spells iPhone app, which is more in-depth and packs in more goodies for all Potter fans. Nonetheless, the app is entertaining and is a nice concept to keep Potter fans glued to their Android screen drawing magical symbols to unleash the power of different spells.

Harry Potter LiveWallpaper

Harry Potter Live Wallpaper

Fans will love this wallpaper application! It displays a variety of wallpapers via a slideshow. All they have to do is set the app via the home screen menu and select wallpaper and live wallpaper. With various transition styles and speed settings, this application provides an enchanting background filled with a variety of HP characters.

The Harry Potter Live Wallpaper application can be tweaked via the settings menu. You can change the speed of the slideshow, the transition style, frame and color. One of the key advantages of using this app is that it conserves your Android’s battery life, unlike other wallpaper apps. You change the refresh rate to avoid unnecessary battery drain. The app is free and could be a great option for Potter aficionados.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Clock

Gryffindor Clock Widget

The emblem of Gryffindor House, one of the four Houses of Hogwarts, can now be used as a virtual timepiece on your Android mobile phone. The clock widget, with its scarlet/gold designs and the emblematic lion portraying chivalry and courage, looks beautiful on your home screen. All you have to do is install the widget, do a long press on the home screen, search for widgets and then select the clock widget.

The Harry Potter Gryffindor Clock is free and consumes less space. However, it does not have an alarm feature. The Gryffindor image looks a bit blurry, and we expect to see a sharper emblem if developers make a sincere attempt to release another app. All in all, the Potter clock widget can be a great addition if you love collecting HP goodies and free merchandise.

Harry Potter Spells and Curses

Harry Potter Spells and Curses

This soundboard application catalogues some of the most famous spells and curses recited by popular Potter characters like Snape, Ron, Hermoine and Harry in the HP movies. Soundboard is an application that stores and plays several short sound clips.

This Harry Potter spells app plays out spells and curses from the previous 7 movies, including Order of the Phoenix, Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows. You just have to select the spell from the list and play it aloud to your friends. You can also long-press the application and save a spell as a ringtone or an SMS notification tone. The fan-made application is free and is one of the best spell apps for a mobile platform.

Potter’s World Encyclopedia

Potter’s World Encyclopedia

Potter geeks will find this app extremely useful. This reference guide provides facts, information, images and spells from the book and film series. Users can browse characters, places, creatures and groups and get unknown facts, characteristics, behind the scenes and inside scoops. The application comes with numerous photos and audio bytes of spells and curses. The best part of the reference app is that it is totally free.

Potter’s World Encyclopedia also lets users change the app background to reflect their interest. Users can change the background to any of the 4 school emblems or images from the Harry Potter movie series. The app also features spoilers, disclosing the fates of every character, which can be a turn-off for many first-time readers. Any information is actually user-entered data and so may not be completely accurate. Also, the encyclopedia is not complete and so users should wait for future updates to get more information. I would definitely like to see a separate section providing interesting facts on magical objects shown in every Potter movie. All in all, this Harry Potter Android app is a good companion for the movies and books and provides a quick guide for Harry Potter enthusiasts.