Best Android Coupon Apps to Download

Best Android Coupon Apps to Download
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#1 Rated Coupon App: The Coupons App

Huge savings are right at your fingertips once you download this app to your Android phone as it’s rated the best Android coupon app. The Coupons App isn’t just for finding coupons for groceries but also for finding the least expensive gas prices and discounts at popular retail locations. The ability to share deals with friends and family is a possibility via text, email, Twitter and Facebook. With a built in map and GPS capabilities, navigate to the nearest store to take advantage of the huge savings found with this app! Simply display the coupon on the phone screen to the cashier to deduct the cost from the bill - It’s that easy!

With the plethora of discounts to take advantage of, it is a plus they are put into categories: Price Check, A-Z, Date, Food and Stores. Although the categories are displayed for the user’s convenience, the layout could be easier to read and less confusing. Another drawback is, an advertisement pops up before you’re able to view the app. Although you can select ‘No Thanks” it can be annoying to bypass.

Despite the small annoyances, the app is worth downloading. Be sure to view the Coupons App before you visit any establishment –you just may save some money! Search for “The Coupons App” in the Android Market to download or find the download link at the end of the article.

2. Shopkick


Shopkick not only allows you to view the best deals from your favorite retailers but allows you to earn reward points too! Open the app and start by choosing your favorite stores from the list provided to view the discounts and coupon codes for them. Once you’re ready to purchase, show the cashier your coupons to apply the discounts towards your purchase - it’s as simple as that. Shopkick uses GPS, to provide the address to the closest retail locations to allow for easy navigation to your favorite stores. Earn points by shopping or just by visiting your favorite retailer and redeem them in the “Rewards” section of the Shopkick app for giftcards and other cool items.

The only drawback is, excessive use of this app drains the battery of your Android device.

Search for “Shopkick” in the Android Market or click the download link below.

3. Livingsocial


Find “daily deals” and “escapes” with the Livingsocial app. The “daily deal” shows several discounted services you may take advantage of from fencing classes to facials to even nights on the town. View the “escapes“ deal to purchase an exotic trip to almost any location, from South Africa to Miami Beach, regardless of where the “escape” is, all deals are heavily discounted. Plan a luxury vacation with your friends by purchasing the deal from the app – if you get three friends to purchase it too, the deal is yours, free! Don’t believe me? Check the link below to download Livingsocial and take advantage of one of the best Android coupon apps available.

4. Groupon


Find deals in your area locally or across the country with Groupon! Huge savings are shown that range from 50-90% off prices from retailers almost anywhere. Whether it is a restaurant, clothing store or spa, you can find a great deal and even purchase the deal directly from the phone. Groupon is one of the best Android coupon apps available in the marketplace with the ability to share deals with friends and family via text, email, Facebook and Twitter.

The only drawback is, a certain amount of people have to take advantage of the deal in order for it to be ‘on.’ It’s also important to read the fine print to ensure you’re aware of the terms and conditions as there are no refunds.

Go to the Android Market and download “Groupon” to take advantage of the savings from your favorite retailers.

5. GeoQpons


GeoQpons is rated as one of the most useful apps in the Android Market, and there’s no doubt as to why. With deals and offers from top brands and local retailers, there’s always a discount to take advantage of. Use the built in calculator to compute your savings and the calendar to add reminders of when a sale will end. Print, email or send a text message of coupons to friends, family, and yourself to take advantage of the huge savings before shopping. This app is certainly a must-have Android coupon app as it’s one of the best options around and easy to navigate. Simply press “Navigate” to view the discount categories.

Although it is easy to navigate, a drawback is, the app operates slowly and does not offer local gas prices to compare.

Click the download link below or search “GeoQPons” in the Android Market on your Android phone.

Honorable Mention: Key Ring


If you’re a true bargain shopper you’ll have tons of rewards cards dangling from your key chain, but aren’t you tired of keeping track of them all? This app is the one-stop shop for all of your loyalty and rewards cards and allows for organization. Download Key Ring to free up space on your key chain and start scanning your reward cards so you’ll never have to walk around with all those cards again. Not only does the app keep track of your reward cards but your reward points as well. It also shows what offers are available for the retailers of your scanned cards.


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