Who's Calling? The Top Talking Caller ID Android Apps Tell You

Who's Calling? The Top Talking Caller ID Android Apps Tell You
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These apps will eventually warm you up to a handsfree lifestyle with the ultimate convenience of receiving day-to-day calls. The only thing missing is a feature to demand initiation of the call so you can begin speaking without touching the phone. Is there an app for that? While I look into that, you can check out this terrific list of talking caller ID Android apps to turn your smartphone into the ultimate personal secretary.

Caller ID Reader

Now you can take the hassle out of clutching to your phone with every move you make in hopes that you never

miss an important call. Adjust the volume to a clear audible range and let this app do what is does best. Caller ID Reader speaks aloud all your incoming calls so you know who is calling without looking on the screen or even touching the phone.

In order for this app to take complete effect however, you must have an organized phonebook listing of all your contacts. Have a little fun too and assign nicknames to a friend’s number or that of a sweetheart, and hear this app belt out the names when they call. It is a fantastic tool to keep you efficient and multi-task without the use of annoying belt-clip cases hooked to your attire. It’s even better to use when driving, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road, or hands off the steering wheel, when someone calls.

Also, check out Caller ID Reader Pro (See References for Download Link).

Voice Caller ID

So you’re sitting across the room and your phone rings, the only problem is it’s on the table that’s beside the

Voice Caller ID

other couch and by that picture frame, which is blocking you from even catching a glimpse of the screen. What a drag, now you have to get up and go answer it because you have no idea if it’s an important call.

Now you can know who’s calling without having to move a muscle, well maybe an ear muscle, but that’s nothing. This app simply speaks the name of the person calling your phone with an automated voice-over technology. If the person calling is not listed in your contacts then the app will speak aloud the phone number. You can choose whether or not you want the app to announce all calls, or just calls from contacts/favorites. This way you can decide if the person calling your phone is worth the energy of getting up or rushing from another room to answer.


There is no guessing who is calling your phone with this app installed; it is designed to answer that


question among a bunch of other ones. WhoIsIt has a long list of fantastic and customizable features to choose from. It can announce/speak aloud your incoming calls as well emails and text messages. Also, users can assign different ring tones, vibration patterns and volumes to distinguish emails, SMS, MMS, instant messages and from different contacts all together. You can even assign LED colors to indicate certain functions.

Some other great features allows VIP’s to ring the phone when it is on silent; it can block unknown callers not listed in your contacts; it integrates Facebook so you have the option of updating your status, view your profile and much more. So if you’re looking for a talking caller ID Android app, with a cluster of other helpful and even fun features, WhoIsIt is the perfect choice.

Talking Caller ID

This Talking Caller ID app gives you a great deal of control with handling your calls while offering the

Talking Caller ID

ultimate voice-over feature. The app has a dynamic built-in text-to-speech engine to speak the name and even the number of a caller upon receiving a call. It has a bunch of great features for users to customize the way it works.

You can choose to hear the app read the contact’s name over the existing ring tone ,or silence the ring tone so only the name is heard. You can assign a function so that it speaks aloud every call you receive or just a select few. Also, you can customize the intro of the message to let the app say exactly what you want and how many times; so if you want the number or person’s name repeated during an incoming call, simply configure the settings. The pitch, and even the speed, of which it speaks the words can also be adjusted.


One of the more popular apps on the market is DriveSafely; it is designed to assist drivers during

DriveSafely-Android 2

travel, to read aloud emails, SMS and other text messages without having to look at your device. Users can even respond to messages and instruct the app to perform tasks such as making out calls, sending emails, constructing texts and so on. It is also a great tool for reading aloud incoming calls whether you are driving or in the office, at home etc.

It works superbly; the text to speech feature is clear and accurate no matter what weird jargon is inserted in a text. It is funny to hear the app pronounce crazy nicknames in its electronic voice.