Disney and Android: Radio Disney Android App, Android App for Disney World Florida and More

Disney and Android: Radio Disney Android App, Android App for Disney World Florida and More
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If you just can’t get enough of everything Disney-related, then this list of Disney Android apps should be right up your alley. Over the years, the Walt Disney Company has grown to be one of the biggest names in entertainment, so it is a little disappointing that there are so few Disney-themed applications available. Regardless, the few apps that are available will certainly allow you to get lost in the magical world of Mickey and his pals. The best Disney apps range from small programs that have some Disney-themed fun, to a Disney-run radio station, and even apps that will help you navigate around some of the best Disney attractions.

Each of these apps is available through the Android Market, which you can access from the Web, or from your Android smartphone.

Radio Disney

The Radio Disney Android app lets you listen to the Disney-based radio station no matter where you are. The music is geared toward young teenagers, up to around age 15 or 16. In addition to streaming music, the app lets you make requests, send a shout out that can be displayed at the top of the app’s screen, and even compose a list of your favorite songs. The app includes a list of the last few songs the radio station has played, along with a large banner of the current artist. You can even look up your local Radio Disney station, so you can see upcoming events in your area. The Radio Disney Android app is the perfect app for anyone who can’t get enough of the mouse.

Disneyland MouseWait


There are a number of Android applications that will give you information on ride wait-time for Disney theme parks, but MouseWait takes the whole experience to the next level with the inclusion of a lounge where park fans can meet, talk and share pics. MouseWait’s large user base helps keep the Disneyland wait times as accurate as possible so the app is invaluable while you are in the park. The app also lists the menu for all the park’s restaurants, along with how far each one is from your current location. The Lounge area is for park visitors and fans to meet and share information about the park, the rides, the shows and just Disney in general. If you are looking for a similar Android app for Disney World in Florida, check out the Disney World Wait Times app.



Invaluable insight straight from the mouth of the man himself. This application is simply a list of quotations from Walt Disney, the creator of the Disney empire. Each quote comes with a few simple buttons that allow you to send the quote through e-mail, SMS, Twitter or Facebook. You can advance to the next quote by pressing an arrow, or by shaking your phone. The app would be a little better if there were more quotes, but the included passages are enough to give a little inspiration to anyone.

Mickey Puzzle

Mickey Puzzle

This little puzzle game lets you test your brain while you enjoy the world’s most famous mouse. The application features about 86 different scenes, with most starring Mickey, which it then scrambles. The game has two different modes, rookie and professional. In rookie mode, you just have to drag each scrambled piece to its correct location. In professional mode, you have to rearrange the puzzle by moving a piece into a single empty space, which then creates another space where you can move the next piece. The game lets you save your favorite puzzle, and tracks which ones you have completed.

Pirate Discovery App

Priate Discovery

The Pirate Discovery application is your go-to place for information about the new movie, “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides.” The application features exclusive content from the film, lets you purchase tickets to the movie, talk with other fans and even play a small game. The app also gives you access to a number of images and wallpapers centered around the film. Like a few other official Disney apps, this one is available to Verizon customers only.

Disney Vacation Countdown

Disney Countdown

A trip to Disney World could easily be the highlight of any given year, so the days leading up to the big trip can be excruciatingly long. This widget, since it really isn’t an app, won’t help time go by any faster, but it will, at least, let you see just how many days you have left to wait. The widget is simply a little pair of mouse ears telling you how many days it is until a pre-determined date that you set. Stick it on your Android home screen and count down the days to the big trip.

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