Best Washington Nationals Apps for Android

Best Washington Nationals Apps for Android
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It’s time for some baseball. The first couple of games of the season have been played. Luckily, users of Android smartphones have a variety of different apps that can help them find out who won the last game and whether their team is headed towards the play offs. Here, we’ll take a look at the Washington Nationals baseball team, based in the city of the nation’s capital - Washington, DC. Formerly known as the Montreal Expos, the Nats were moved from Canada to Washington in 2005.

There are some great Washington Nationals applications for Android users to help them keep up with the team and their games. Let’s take a closer look.

Washington Nationals News

For the true Washington Nationals fan, keeping up to date with the news on your favorite team is essential. With this app, you’ll be able to get the latest game scores, and find news on the players and the team. Within the app you can also set up notifications for your Android phone, so that you know the second that the latest news comes in.

The Washington Nationals news app is currently free for download within the Android Market.

Washington Nationals Mobile

Android for Washington Nationals Fans

A mobile version of the official Washington Nationals website, this app has everything that a Nats fan would want - history of the team, stats, team info, and of the course, the schedule of games that the Nats will play, as well as the current team roster.

The Washington Nationals Mobile app is currently free for download within the Android Market.

Washington Baseball Diary

Android for Washington Nationals Fans

As a fan, there may be a time when you will have an argument on which Nats player is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, what the stats were for the 2005 season, or something else along the lines of truly knowing your team. Never fear, with the Washington Baseball Diary, you can look up the entire team history of the Washington Nationals, from members of the Hall of Fame to the complete game schedule, the app is updated on a daily basis.

The Washington Baseball Diary is currently offered for $2.99 in the Android Market.

At Bat 11

Android Apps for the Washington Nationals

The official Android app offered by the 2011 MLB offers the ability for users to customize the app to show the highlights for their favorite team. You can also access live video and radio play by play, and there’s ball park check in and sharing via your choice of social media networks.

Nationals fans will get a kick out of being able to view not only the scores from the game, but some of the games themselves, for the entire 2011 baseball season. The app itself is $14.99 and can be found and purchased within the Android Market.

There is also a lite version of this app, which is currently free within the market, and offers some of the features that the full version does. Included are the ball park check in feature and the ability to watch some of the games via video.

Baseball Schedule 2011

Android Apps for the Washington Nationals

This is another handy app for planning your day (or week) around the Nationals game day. Offering a full schedule for the 2011 season, Baseball Schedule 2011 now has a feature for users to check the game scores of that day’s game and yesterday’s game, in the event that a user may have missed it.

This app is currently free within the Android market.


For fans of major league baseball, the variety of apps that can be found for their Android devices is great. The Washington Nationals app for Android users is a great way of keeping up to date on the team itself, while the other baseball related apps allow for up to date scores, news, videos, and other info that will keep any fan in the know this season.