The Best Android Download Managers

The Best Android Download Managers
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Why an Android Download Manager?

There are several reasons you may be looking for an Android download manager. These reasons include, but are not limited to, the need to bypass the “content not supported” restriction of the default Android web browser, the need to pause and resume large file downloads, and the need to be able to log into FTP sites from your Android mobile phone.

These are the three Android download manager apps that I have personally downloaded and used in the past. I have had no issues with any of these apps but some do offer options the others may not so I keep all three installed to cover my bases. I encourage you to download, install and test all three before making a decision on which Android download manger to use.

Download All Files

Download All Files does exactly what the name states. This Android download manager allows you to download virtually any file from the Internet to your SD card. APK, RAR, ZIP, EXE, MP3, DOC, XLS and more are all supported allowing you to bypass the “content is not supported” restriction of the default Android browser. Download All Files acts as a plug-in for the default browser, when you click on a file to download that is when Download All FIles takes over and extends the ability of your Android phone to download files of almost any type. This Android download manager worked as intended in my testing and is a free Android app (ad-supported).

Price: Free

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Android Download Manager - ByteTornado

Like Download All Files, ByteTornado will allow you to download virtually any file from the Internet to the SD card of your Android phone with ease. ByteTornado has a built-in browser that lets you easily download files over http or https and pause/resume your downloads. A must have for any Android user who downloads large files. ByteTornado is another free Android download manager that does exactly what it says it will. A great addition to your Android apps collection.

Price: Free

[Get ByteTornado]


Xwind Downloader

Android Download Manager - XWind Downloader

Xwind Downloader is another ad-supported Android download manager with pretty much the same options as the two we’ve covered above. Easy to use with a streamlined and visually appealing GUI (Graphical User Interface). FTP support and a built-in file browser are the features that set this Android manager apart from the others.

Price: Free

[Get Xwind Downloader]


Android Download Managers, Conclusion

In the end any of these Android download managers will make a nice addition to your Android apps collection. They have several basic functions in common with a couple of functions being exclusive to each Android download manager app. I personally have kept all three of these top-notch Android download manager apps installed and will make my choice of which to use based on the situation. Have an Android download manager app that you use and think is better than these three? Let us know in the comments section below!


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