Top Android Hiking Apps

Top Android Hiking Apps
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AlpineQuest GPS Hiking

Download topographical maps to the SD card of your Android smartphone with the AlpineQuest GPS Hiking app. Identify your position and view the hiking path you have taken on maps designed by the U.S. Geological Survey. Find out the elevation, terrain characteristics, and travel direction. To keep track of landmarks, create waypoints on the map. The app will provide the distance and direction to a specific waypoint. You can import GPX and KML files with this app, but some users have complained about using the focus tool to view the imported waypoints. The AlpineQuest GPS Hiking app is available at the Android Market for $5.52.

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Hiking Diary

Hiking Diary Android App

Record your favorite hiking memories with the Hiking Diary app. Include the date of the hike, the location of the hike, the trail name, and the GPS coordinates. Take pictures on your trek and add them to the diary. You can also record the weather conditions, the distance of the hike, and the difficulty level of the trail. The Hiking Diary app is available at the Android Market for $0.99.

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U.S. Army Survival Guide

U.S. Army Survival Guide Android App

One of the best hiking Android apps is the U.S. Army Survival Guide app. This app features essential information for surviving in the wilderness. Learn how to build a camp or shelter and how to find and purify water. Ever wonder which wild fruits are edible or how to treat bites and stings? With this app, you’ll have the answers to these questions and more. It’s an essential resource for any outdoor enthusiast. The app can be installed from the SD card and it’s accessible offline. The free U.S. Army Survival Guide app is available at the Android Market.

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Hiking Planner

Hiking Planner Android App

Hiking Planner is among the best hiking Android apps available on the Android Market. It is a comprehensive checklist for things you need to pack before heading out into the woods. The app contains over 250 items in several categories including backpack, clothes, food, and documents. You can add or delete items and categories from the list. The Hiking Planner app is available at the Android Market for $0.99.

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Gaia GPS (Topo Maps)

Gaia GPS (Topo Maps) Android App

Another Android hiking app that contains topographical maps is the Gaia GPS (Topo Maps) app. It is designed for use when you aren’t connected online. Download the maps and have them available for navigation when you are hiking. It contains a compass to help you navigate through unknown areas. Mark waypoints and record your tracks. The zoom feature is great for locating nearby trails, but the compass reading could use some work according to some users. It displays the The Gaia GPS (Topo Maps) app is available at the Android Market for $2.99.

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If you’re on a budget, consider downloading the free U.S. Army Survival Guide app. It contains a lot of useful information for hikers. Also consider the map app AlpineQuest GPS Hiking. Although a bit pricey, its GPS feature and waypoint directions give it an edge over similar apps.


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