Cool, Odd, Unusual or Just Plain Weird Android Apps - Coolest Android Apps

Cool, Odd, Unusual or Just Plain Weird Android Apps - Coolest Android Apps
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The Coolest Android Apps

In the past we’ve covered the most useful Android apps, the top Android apps and even the best Android root apps but this time we’re simply looking for the coolest Android apps. These cool Android apps may be useless but are worth a few minutes of your time. Looking for odd, unusual or just plain weird Android apps? We’ve got these and more for you!


This cool Android app simulates an electric shock in the tradition of those plasma balls you can buy. Touch the screen and a lightning effect follows your finger and the phone vibrates. You can change the color of the lightning and there is a very cool “ghost mode” which enables the lighting on your home screen. In the words of the developer, “it’s fun, it’s useless; it’s therefore essential!”.

Price: Free

[ Download Spark ]


Coolest Android Apps - Tricroder

This cool Android app is actually semi-useful! Tricorder shows the strongest Wi-Fi and cellular signals in range as well as giving you a plethora of GPS information. Other sensors include an acoustic sensor, acceleration sensor, magnetic field sensor and the current state of the sun and solar winds. Who knew your phone had so many useful sensors! In the end though, regardless of how useful some of these sensors might be, this is an Android app for the geek in all of us.

Price: Free

[ Download Tricorder ]


Coolest Android Apps - HypnoMe

Another of the coolest, and mostly useless, Android apps is HypnoMe. This application displays a spinning spiral that can help you relax and even put you into a trance. On the other hand it may do absolutely nothing but give you a headache, send you into a seizure (people with epilepsy beware) and/or bore you to death. A must have Android app for those of us with too much time on our hands!

Price: Free

[ Download HypnoMe ]


Coolest Android Apps - Burpz

When I first downloaded BurpZ I wasn’t expecting much. Generally these types of Android apps (burps, farts) tend to be badly designed with one or two low quality sound files. With BurpZ I was pleasantly surprised! There are many burps included and they are of high enough quality that if you hide your phone and trigger a burp it can be mistaken for an actual burp. I found this one of the coolest Android apps, it’s always good for a laugh and my 3 year old nephew never tires of it. Call me immature but burps never get old especially when triggered in a totally inappropriate situation. A must have Android app for anyone with a crude sense of humor!

Price: Free

[ Download BurpZ ]

Magic 8 Ball

Coolest Android Apps - Magic 8 Ball

There are several cool Magic 8 Ball Android apps on the Android Market but I find this one to be the best. In the tradition of the toy of the same name, the magic 8 ball comes to Android! Ask the magic 8 ball a question, shake your phone and watch in wonder as the magic 8 ball reveals your future! Totally useless, totally retro, totally worth the time to download.

Price: Free

[ Download Magic 8 Ball ]

Metal Detector

Coolest Android Apps - Metal Detector

This cool Android app turns your Android phone into a metal detector! Well, sort of. Users have had mixed results while using this listing in our coolest Android apps but I’ve had limited success with it. I have found that it will detect metal but only if extremely close to the metal to begin with. You can’t simply walk around holding the phone at your waist looking for coins buried in the sand on a beach because there isn’t a strong magnet in your phone. It seems to me as long as you know the approximate location of the metal you are looking for you can make use of this cool Android app by holding the phone very close to the spot(s) where you think the metal is. I could be totally wrong, your mileage may vary!

Price: Free

[ Download Metal Detector ]

Lightsword Free

Coolest Android Apps - Lightsword Free

If you are a Star Wars fan this is one of the coolest must-have Android apps. This Android app is exactly what it sounds like, a lightsword or lightsaber for you Star Wars fans, that you can wave around. It makes the trademark “swoosh” sound when you wave it and you can choose from a variety of lightsaber colors depending on your mood that day. Another useless but fun Android app for you time wasters out there!

Price: Free

[ Download Lightsword Free ]

Bic Concert Lighter

Coolest Android Apps - Bic Concert Lighter

My favorite useless Android app, Bic Concert Lighter, rounds out our list of the coolest Android apps. I never get tired of pulling it out when someone asks me for a light, when I’m cold and want to warm up my hands (no, it doesn’t heat up) or at a concert. For me this is the most useful of these cool and useless Android apps. I always make myself laugh with it even if no one else finds it funny!

Price: Free

[ Download Bic Concert Lighter ]

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