Best Android Contacts Widget Options

Best Android Contacts Widget Options
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Animated Widget Contact Launch

The Animated Widget Contact Launch app is designed to display contacts on the home screen and initiate calls by simply pressing the contact. A photo of each contact will be linked to a video effect that will launch when it is pressed. You can choose to make a call, send a text message, or send an e-mail to a contact right from the home screen. Simply set the phone numbers and e-mail address in the widget setting. Animated Widget Contact Launch is a free app available at the Android Market.

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Smart Contacts Widget

Smart Contacts Widget Android App

Link your most frequently called or messaged contacts to icons on the home screen with the Smart Contacts Widget. This Android contacts widget offers four different sizes. The largest widget can accommodate up to eight contacts and the smallest widget has three contacts. There is a smart list shortcut as well. With this widget, you can make calls or send messages to a contact by pressing the contact. Some users have complained that the widget is not responsive when pressed. Download the free Smart Contacts Widget at the Android Market.

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Contacts! Widget

Contacts! Widget Android App

Another contacts widget for Android that displays contacts on the home screen is Contact! Widget. This widget offers various sizes and they can be displayed both horizontally or vertically. The widget allows for shortcuts and a call log can be displayed. When the contact is pressed, the widget will dial the number, open text messaging, or e-mail application. Some users have complained of distorted images and the inability to access recent calls. The Contacts! Widget app is available at the Android Market for $1.38.

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Favorite Contact Widget

Favorite Contact Widget Android App

Quickly make calls or send messages to contacts from the home screen of the phone with the Favorite Contact Widget. With this Android contacts widget, you can select several widgets of various sizes. The widgets available include the 4X1, 2X1, 2X2, 4X2, and 4X4 widgets. There is a default theme and a black & white theme. Unlike other widgets, this one displays the number of unread SMS so that you can quickly respond to that person from the home screen. The Favorite Contact Widget is available at the Android Market for $0.99.

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MeContacts Android App

MeContacts is a quick dial app that features a home screen widget. The contacts are displayed on the home screen, and the app uses the contact photos. Simply press the contact to make a call or to send a text message. With this contacts widget for Android, you can set a default action or select individual actions per contact. You can create multiple pages of contacts and export or import data. The free MeContacts app is available at the Android Market.

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Best Android Contacts Widget

If you’re on a budget, consider downloading the free apps mentioned above. Otherwise, splurge a little and download the Animated Widget Contact Launch. Its video effects give it an edge over similar widgets.


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