These Android Weather Apps Keep You In The Know, Rain or Shine

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The Weather Channel


This Android weather app features voice search, a type-ahead feature, navigation bar, customizable weather maps, animated radar maps, detailed weather conditions and forecasts, several weather alerts and notification bar with current temperature and severe weather alert indicator. With the app’s voice search feature, you can obtain weather forecasts just by speaking a location, address, city, ZIP code or even the names of well-known landmarks. Another nice feature of the Weather Channel is type-ahead which lets you quickly search when typing a destination. While its all-new navigation bar located along the bottom of the screen of your Android smartphone provides you with swipeable, one-click access to saved locations, current conditions, hourly forecasts, 36-hour forecasts, 10-day forecasts, severe alerts, maps, video and settings. (Price: Free)

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Weather Bug

imap weather

Here’s another great Android weather app that lets you check current conditions and forecasts, view animated radar images, and get the latest local weather information as well as several weather alerts for your city and thousands of locations worldwide. Even better is the fact that the app also gives you lightning strike alerts, detailed maps, a 3D homescreen forecasts widget in addition to current conditions, forecasts, weather alerts, radar and more. (Price: Free)

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iMap Weather


What makes this Android weather app different from other apps is the fact that it offers advanced weather notifications delivered straight to your Android phone. The app provides you with safety warnings using location-based services which determine your area and local weather mapping abilities. These alert you when you’re in the vicinity of thunderstorms, tornadoes, flash flood conditions, high winds, flooding and hurricanes. In addition, these notification alerts are sent to your Android phone’s notification system allowing you to pull-down the notification window-shade and see the details without needing to open the app. (Price: Free)

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If you don’t mind spending $3.42 on an Android weather app, Weather Pro answers the question - “what’s the best Android Weather app?” It is possibly one of the best if not the best Android weather app available on the Android Market right now. The app features high-quality seven-day forecasts and weather reports covering more than two million locations worldwide. It has global satellite plus radar for the USA and Europe and animated images with interactive elements that make it a fun app to use. The app also downloads weather apps faster than you can imagine. And it even has a small progress wheel that indicates when data is being downloaded. Interface-wise, WeatherPro’s layout has been greatly improved since it first hit the Android Market. It now includes a date display and opens much quicker through optimized storage for weather data. (Price: $3.42)

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This app features a beautiful layout containing your location, date, summary of today’s weather in your chosen location and a three day weather forecast which can be scanned through to see the expected weather conditions for the rest of the week. Generally, is a pretty good Android weather app with a nice user interface and enough weather-related information to keep you informed. The app turns your phone into a global GPS-based weather center with its complete coverage of weather forecasts and radar worldwide. (Price: Free)



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