Some Handy Droid Hacks

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Improve Call Audio Quality

Sound quality comes in two forms, the default and custom. Some users have said the default settings are good, others that the custom settings are better. Here are some steps to take for improving the sound quality.

  1. “Dial ##7764726 (##PROGRAM) and press SEND.
  2. Enter 000000 (six zeros), for the SPC Password and press Verify.
  3. Press “04 Vocode”.
  4. Press EVRC-B then Apply.
  5. The phone should automatically reset a few seconds afterward. If not, power cycle the phone.”

If you are looking for an iPhone hack see: iPhone Bluetooth Headphone Hacks.

How to Custom Boot Animations

This Android hack involves boot animations, or how the Droid will look when you boot up. Start by going to the command prompt in the ADB tools directory. Create three folders: png, bootanimation, and part0.

  1. “Mkdir png
  2. Cd png
  3. Mkdir bootanimation
  4. Cd bootanimation
  5. Mkdir part0
  6. Cd part0”
  7. Next use png’s (images) of your choice, and name them in sequential order, such as 0.png, 1.png, and so on. Put them in the part0 folder (cd png\bootanimation\part0). If they are not in png format, load them into paint and save them as a png file.
  8. Open notepad and type the following:
  9. “480 480 8 p 0 0 part0”
  10. Save the text file as desc.txt in the png\bootanimation folder.
  11. Now, use a zip compression tool to store the desc.txt. Call it, and add it to the adb tools folder. Finally,
  12. type “adb push /data/local” and reboot.”

How To Root Droid X

The previous hacks did not involve access to the root. Hacking a phone to access the root directory is called rooting a phone. Programs or applications that run off the root directory are root applications. Here is how to root a Droid:

  1. “Start with a download: (see References)
  2. Extract and Update Android SDK package to your computer (see References).
  3. Go to the folder that has the DoRootFoWindows, and extract the files to the tools folder of Android SDK.
  4. Install the 32 or 64 bit Motorola Drivers.
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your phone and plug it into your PC. Do this by going to Settings -> Applications -> Development.
  6. Double-click and run the DoRoot.bat file.
  7. Wait for it to complete the operation.
  8. Reboot your phone… now you are rooted.”

How to Get Free Wi-Fi Tether Mobile Hotspot on Droid X

It is important to know how to hack the root because if you want to get free Wi-Fi tether, like the Verizon Mobile Hotspot, you can do it by rooting your Droid X then installing the Android Wi-Fi tether app.

Here is the hack:

  1. “Root your Droid X.
  2. Browse to the Android Wi-Fi Tether download page (see References) and download the latest .apk file.
  3. Install the app and open the Android Wi-Fi Tether app.
  4. Make sure to set your app so “Wi-Fi encryption” is enabled. Without the Wi-Fi tether enabled the app will not work.”


Droid hacks come in many different formats. Probably the most important one is the root hack, because this lets you into the root directory of the Droid. Once you are there you can make different hacks possible for applications, and change how the mobile Droid will operate.

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