The Best Android Barcode Scanners

The Best Android Barcode Scanners
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Search several websites for product listings with the RedLaser app. This Android barcode scanner uses the data contained in the barcode to identify the product and search Google, eBay, Milo, TheFind, and for it. RedLaser also searches for books in local libraries. The app recognizes several types of barcodes including UPC, UPC-E , EAN, EAN-8, and QR codes. The app works without an autofocus camera. After scanning and searching, the app lists the products, price, and description. There is an option to share a product through e-mail, text messaging, Facebook, or Twitter. RedLaser is a free app available on the Android Market.

Barcode Reader

Barcode Reader Android App

Have a large selection of retailers at your fingertips with Barcode Reader. This barcode scanner app for Android phones is designed to image a product’s barcode and search online product listings for it. Some of the sites that Barcode Reader searches through include Google, eBay, and Amazon. The app can read different barcodes including UPC, EAN-13, and EAN-8. Barcode Reader is a free app available on the Android Market.

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner

ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner Android App

Another app which makes bargain hunting easier is the ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner. Hold the Android powered phone over the product barcode and scan it until the app beeps. The app will search online for the best prices. A great feature in this app is the local store finder. If the search results contain stores near your location, each one will be displayed on a map. Click on the store to view the store information and directions to it. Download the free ShopSavvy Barcode Scanner app from the Android Market.

ScanLife Barcode Reader

ScanLife Barcode Reader Android App

ScanLife Barcode Reader scans UPC product barcodes and QR codes. The app displays search results that contain product descriptions, reviews, and prices from online retailers. If you scan food items, the app will even return their nutritional information. Some items can be purchased directly from the app, depending on the retailer. A list of the scanned items is saved to the history tab, which can be posted to Facebook or sent via e-mail. ScanLife Barcode Reader is a free app on the Android Market.

ixMAT Barcode Scanner

ixMat Barcode Scanner Android App

Scan UPC and QR codes with the ixMAT Barcode Scanner. This Android barcode scanner app can be installed on the SD card, and it features a touchscreen interface. Zoom in on the barcode by pinching the screen or zoom out by spreading the screen. Another unique feature of this app is that it can create QR codes for contact information. Instead of sending contacts out, simply send a QR code in its place. The recipient would scan it to view the information. Some users have complained that the app takes too long to scan a barcode. The free ixMAT Barcode Scanner app is available on the Android Market.

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